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( bright tone )
( eerie music )
( coughing )
♪ ♪
( faint desolate music )
♪ ♪
( coughing )
♪ ♪
What are you doing?
Come on.
♪ ♪
( both coughing )
( desolate music )
♪ ♪
( Clay yells )
♪ ♪
You paralyzed me.
I just saved you.
How d--what are you?
♪ ♪
You did this to me.
You fucking bitch.
You tried to kill me!
You tried to kill me. You're a goddamned monster!
You tried to rape me!
You could've stopped, but you wouldn't. You wouldn't!
I'm gonna tell everyone.
I'm gonna fucking tell everyone
what you did to me!
I'm gonna tell everyone
what you are!
♪ ♪
Good luck with that.
♪ ♪
No one
is going to believe you.
♪ ♪
The Boone name doesn't mean shit anymore.
♪ ♪
Your dad is in jail.
The DEA just caught him for drug trafficking.
♪ ♪
You don't know what you're talking about.
And your brother is on the run
for murder.
He murdered Amos Miller.
Did you know that?
Lucas wouldn't...
♪ ♪
Look at me.
You don't have anyone
to hide behind anymore.
Just get me the fuck out of here!
Everyone in this town's gonna know.
They will see you, Clay.
They will finally see what you are.
♪ ♪
Your life is fucking over.
♪ ♪
( receding footsteps )
( haunting futuristic music )
♪ ♪
( door opens )
( sighs )
Jesus, Townes, what are you doing here?
I let myself in.
Jenna told me where to find the spare key,
but you shouldn't hide it under the welcome mat.
It's the first place robbers look.
I thought that was something everyone knew,
since it's a universally stupid thing to do.
Jenna called you?
I'm supposed to text her.
Since I live closer, I said I'd check your bedroom.
She was worried you'd burned to death.
I knew your body would protect you.
( loud thud )
What was that?
It's Clay Boone. He's...
Did you-- did you teleport with him here?
Out--out of the fire?
So you saved his life.
No, I don--it just happened.
Please don't. I'm not--
You're a superhero.
Not in the traditional sense of the word,
since you do drugs
and have a genuine disdain for people--
Townes: Right. Sorry.
I know you don't appreciate praise.
Or enthusiasm.
It's just that he's...
He saw me when I...
And I don't think that he would tell anyone,
- but if-- - Don't worry.
We'll get him on our side.
Maybe he can even be part of the team.
No, I just need him out of here.
Look, you're my sidekick, right?
if you say so.
Well, you are,
and I need your help, so...
What can I do?
( siren wails )
Shit. Shit.
Oh, God.
Officer, I--I know I was speeding,
but I can explain. I promise--
- Officer: Stop! - Okay.
Place your hands on your head!
I'm sorry.
I'm Cleo Coles. Lucas Boone
put me in this car, and I just--
Do you have any ID on you?
No, I don't.
Officer: Officer Bennett,
responding to the APB
- on the gray Chevy Impala. - Officer: 10-4.
So--so you know what happened?
You know...
I have to bring you in.
Please let me go to the hospital.
I need to see my daughter. Please.
It won't take long.
( panting, grunting )
What's he doing here?
Henry saved his life.
- Do you need help? - Henry: Yeah, grab a leg.
- Ow. - Ow, fuck, fuck! Just put me down.
( grunts )
When are these things coming off?
I signed all the paperwork.
They're just following protocol.
Well, they wouldn't have anything on Jeremiah Miller
if it wasn't for me.
We should talk about Lucas.
They've taken his immunity off the table
because of a potential murder charge,
and now kidnapping.
That's not what happened.
Look, Lu--
Lucas gets scared.
I can do my best to protect him,
but you may need to... distance yourself from this, legally.
- He's my son. - Lawyer: And my son's given
me nothing but fucking sciatica
and heartburn, so...
They don't always make it easy on us, do they?
Listen, Bill,
this deal isn't some get-out-of-jail-free card.
The FBI doesn't fuck around.
They've frozen your assets. That mean--
Anna: Mr. Boone.
I got nothing to say to you. Talk to my lawyer,
or send someone in here with actual authority.
I just thought you'd want to know
there was a fire at your house.
We're not sure how it started just yet,
but most of the blaze has been contained.
W-wait, please.
My--my son, Clay--he was home.
There was no sign of anyone at the house.
Well, you gotta let me out of here.
I got to find him and make sure he's okay.
Well, Bill, I'm not sure
I have the authority.
I'll see you in the morning.
( eerie music )
♪ ♪
Your mom's safe.
Jenna: My dad's driving her back from the police station.
She's okay?
Which means they'll be here soon.
We need to get rid of him.
I can take him somewhere,
but I don't know where.
You can leave him on the side
of the road for all I care.
I can go with you.
I say we take him to the hospital.
Jenna: The burns on his legs look pretty bad.
♪ ♪
You should stay here.
Wait for your mom.
♪ ♪
♪ ♪
Let him be the hospital's problem.
♪ ♪
( modern folk music over radio )
I need to be able to hear
if someone's honking, or if there are
any other outside noises related to our safety.
Have you known this whole time, Jenna?
What she did to me?
What's he talking about?
Clay: So you don't give a shit.
That fucking freak crushed my legs, and you're just like,
"Cool, whatever."
What about what you did to her?
- What did he do? - I didn't do anything to her.
Bullshit. Take some
fucking responsibility for once in your life.
Clay: Jesus Christ, man. You make it seem like
I... fucking drugged her or something.
It wasn't like that.
You assaulted her.
( breathing heavily )
Whoa, Townes, get the fuck off me!
- Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa! - Jenna: Townes. Townes.
- Jenna: Townes! - Calm the fuck down, man.
- Get off me! - Jenna: He isn't worth it!
Okay? He's not worth it.
( breathing heavily )
Jenna: It's okay.
( heavy breathing )
( breathes deeply )
I'll drop you at the hospital, because Henry is my friend,
and that's what I told her I would do.
( turn signal ticking )
Cleo: Henry.
( sighs )
I should take you back to the hospital.
You shouldn't be up, walking around.
No, Mom, I'm fine. I'm really okay.
I'm okay.
Are you okay?
What happened at Boone Motors? What happened with Lucas?
Don't worry about that. That doesn't matter.
Do you want to talk about it?
Not really.
He didn't...
rape me.
Like, just...
so you know,
it wasn't as bad as...
( choked ) Like, a lot of people have it worse.
Don't do that.
Don't lessen what happened to you, or how much it hurts.
It won't take it away.
Yeah, it's just that, um...
It's just that I kissed him.
You know, we were making out,
and I...
I wanted to, like, at first.
I wanted to, so...
But then you didn't.
We should go to the police.
He needs to be held accountable.
Mom, he's paraplegic,
I mean, it's not like he's gonna...
He can't... hurt anyone again,
and the cops aren't gonna do anything, so...
You don't know that.
I do,
and that's not what I need.
I just...
( choked ) Just need to be able to not see him.
Just need to be able to go outside
and go to school
and have a life and not see him.
I don't know how to fix this.
( sighs )
I wish I did, I wish more than anything I did,
but I don't.
Yeah. ( inhales raggedly )
Me neither.
( sobs )
( man speaking Italian on laptop )
I can't... believe that you like this movie.
Hey, it has its moments.
( Italian dialogue )
It's worse than I remember, but...
( laughter )
What if we left?
( desolate music )
What do you mean?
Maybe it's time to go,
to leave Reston, just you and me.
Fresh start.
♪ ♪
- Mom... - No, it's not like the other times.
That's not what I mean.
♪ ♪
But I dragged you here, and I just...
expected you to take to this place.
It's caused you nothing but pain.
♪ ♪
I didn't see it.
♪ ♪
I didn't... see what you needed, but now, I do.
♪ ♪
I want you to be happy.
♪ ♪
What about Thomas and Jenna?
Well, this is their home. It's not ours.
♪ ♪
You and me--we're family. We're all we need.
♪ ♪
You love him, Mom.
♪ ♪
I love you more.
♪ ♪
Promise me you'll take tomorrow to think about it.
♪ ♪
♪ ♪
♪ ♪
( police chatter over radios )
We got word this morning. Clay's in the ER.
Minor injuries.
Making yourself comfortable, I see.
Sorry about your friend.
Will you sign here, please?
Is that it?
You're officially a free man.
( foreboding music )
♪ ♪
Thomas: The FBI... is seizing
all Bill Boone's assets,
including all of his properties,
so... that means the bowling alley.
♪ ♪
No, no. We didn't do anything wrong.
We're not even a part of that stuff.
Doesn't matter. Doesn't make a difference.
It's on his land,
and I'm not telling you this
because I want you to worry.
I just wanted you to hear it from me.
At... least I got you, right?
My girl, my constant.
( laughs ) Yeah.
Are you okay?
Uh-huh. Yeah.
I'm good.
Come here.
What are you doing here?
The hospital called me.
They couldn't reach your father.
How are you feeling?
You don't have to pretend to give a shit.
You came here. You fulfilled your duty.
I'm fine.
You have every right to be angry with me.
Clay, your dad has made some poor choices, and...
I don't know what's gonna happen,
but he's gonna have to live with the consequences, and...
I doubt it'll be the same as it was.
So I was thinking,
I was hoping,
that maybe you would come and live with me and Robert for a while.
I live here.
Of course you do.
( desolate music )
I know that we don't know each other very well.
♪ ♪
But I would like to change that.
♪ ♪
I would really like to be a part of your life.
♪ ♪
( "Mourning Sound" by Grizzly Bear playing )
♪ ♪
♪ I made a mistake ♪
♪ I should have never tried ♪
♪ I took the cake ♪
Can we wait here for a couple minutes?
♪ Finished every slice ♪
♪ I moved away ♪
♪ ♪
♪ Still playing off the fights ♪
♪ For every day ♪
♪ I share ♪
Do you have any marijuana?
♪ ♪
Yeah, I have a joint.
♪ ♪
Do you want to smoke it?
♪ ♪
Is Jenna Faith Hope seriously asking
to get high in the school parking lot?
She is.
( laughs )
♪ ♪
♪ I move at a pace ♪
♪ That I cannot survive ♪
♪ I'm hauling away ♪
♪ I do it all the time ♪
♪ Let love age ♪
♪ And watch it burn out and die ♪
♪ ♪
( coughs )
♪ ♪
Do you think that guy is coming back?
The teleporter?
♪ ♪
Because if...
If he doesn't, that could mean that he's dead.
And if he's dead, then I'm...
♪ ♪
And if he isn't, then he knows where we live.
♪ This isn't a place where I can even try ♪
I don't know.
♪ I'm hauling away ♪
♪ I do it all the time ♪
What if I die before I get to do...
anything I really want?
♪ Burn out and die ♪
That's kind of morbid, Jenna.
No, I mean it.
♪ ♪
Well, what do you want?
♪ We woke with the mourning sound ♪
♪ It's the sound of distant shots ♪
I don't know.
But I--I can't remember the last time
that I wasn't thinking about
what I should do or say
to make someone else happy.
( somber music )
You wouldn't understand.
♪ ♪
It's like, I always have to act so perfect.
Yeah, you-- you don't have to.
You choose to.
No, this is what I'm talking about.
Like you. You--you don't care what people think.
♪ ♪
You're just you.
I care.
♪ ♪
Not like I do.
Well, no one cares as much as you do, Jenna.
♪ ♪
I haven't always been this way.
We just move around,
like, so much that I don't have time to...
♪ ♪
You know. I don't know.
And you grew up here.
It's different.
It's been, like,
fucking ingrained in you since elementary school
to care what Patty Yang thinks of you.
♪ ♪
But I don't know.
Who you are and who you want to... be
or whatever.
I say, just fucking embrace that shit.
♪ ♪
( coughs )
( laughs )
♪ ♪
- Excuse me. - Yeah?
I'm looking for my son, Clay Boone.
Marie, let me call you back.
Excuse me. Don't worry about it.
What are you doing here?
I'm his mother, Bill,
and no one could reach you.
'Cause maybe you were too busy being interrogated
by the police to answer.
I've been getting calls from my friends all day.
It's embarrassing. Trafficking drugs, Bill?
Don't go getting all righteous with me.
You made your choice.
This is my family.
Bill, please.
Clay could've died in there.
God only knows where Lucas is.
He's not answering his phone.
Lucas is fine.
You tell me that he is not caught up in all of this.
Ha. When he came to visit me,
he was upset, and he wouldn't tell me why, but now--
What visit?
You know what? I don't even care.
Go home, Wendy.
Are you okay?
Were you hurt?
Oh, don't.
Look, whatever your mother told you--
Is what, bullshit?
Where's Lucas?
Did he hurt someone? Did Lucas hurt someone?
Where'd you hear that?
No, of course not.
Look at me. Look at me.
The men who did this to you are gone.
They're in jail.
We're gonna start over.
All right?
Right? We won.
We won?
Are you serious?
I almost just fucking died, Pop.
I would never let that happen.
Right, 'cause you're just
so in control of everything.
Look at me.
Look at my legs.
- Clay-- - No, look at them.
I know you hate it, Dad. I hate it, too.
I told you, the Millers are not
- gonna be trouble anymore. - The fucking Millers
didn't do this to me.
Henry Coles did.
No, Dad. Hey, she did.
She's been lying to you about everything.
She found me
in the house.
( desolate music )
In the fire.
♪ ♪
- She was with you? - Yeah.
♪ ♪
And she did something.
♪ ♪
And she grabbed me
and--I don't know.
Everything just fucking
came at us,
and then I saw my wheelchair,
and it crumbled.
Dad, she--she made it happen.
All right? And then, like,
just a second later, we were in her house.
I don't know how she did it.
I don't know how it happened, but it fucking happened,
and it wasn't the first time, either.
♪ ♪
No, you need to hear this.
I remembered, all right?
I remember what happened
in the truck that day.
♪ ♪
Henry crushed me, too.
She crushed me because she wanted to.
She has some kind of--
God damn it, I don't know.
I don't know, but Henry did this to me.
Lucas tried to tell you,
and you wouldn't listen.
♪ ♪
And he tried to tell me, too.
♪ ♪
And it's true.
It's true.
♪ ♪
♪ ♪
Do you believe me?
♪ ♪
I'm gonna-- I'm gonna go talk to the doctor
and I'm gonna find out how long they need
- to keep you in here-- - No.
- I'm gonna stay-- - God damn it.
Clay, I'm gonna get a cot, and I'm gonna stay--
I'm going home with Mom.
The hell you are.
I can't be in Reston anymore.
What are you talking about?
You're a Boone.
I built a future
for you and your brother here.
This is our home.
We don't have a home!
Where is our home?
Your mother doesn't know how to take care of you.
Well, she'll figure it out.
And at least with her, I'll be safe.
You were the one who hurt Clay?
Not that drunk driver?
( somber music )
It doesn't make you a villain,
if that's what you're thinking.
Your body responds to fear.
I know that.
♪ ♪
Which means he must have hurt you first?
♪ ♪
My mom told me that if you feel like hugging or kissing someone,
you have to ask for permission,
people have boundaries.
It's a rule. You just...
You j--you just have to.
♪ ♪
Thanks, Townes.
♪ ♪
( mouth full ) Oh, my God.
So good.
How much did you smoke?
( laughs )
Hey, you can sit here if you want.
What? Oh.
You're sweet, but I think I'm gonna go over there.
Oh, that's cool. You want me to come with you?
So, how did you know it'd work,
bringing Clay with you?
I don't think I did.
I mean, it felt different.
Like, it felt like I--
I willed myself to do it.
Does that sound crazy?
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Tater tots!
The idea of you evolving is interesting.
Like your prior seizures were a side effect
of this metamorphosis,
and your extended seizure
was your chrysalis stage.
What if this is your final form?
Like how Pikachu evolves into Raichu.
Jenna: Oh, my God,
I love Pikachu.
I don't feel like my final form.
Well, maybe it's just the beginning.
We should train you.
What do you mean, train me?
Like what? Like karate or something?
Among other things.
Henry, we don't know what's next for you,
but... it's always better to be prepared.
Townes is right,
and no matter what happens,
we'll be here to help.
♪ ♪
( car honks )
Iris: Bill.
It's really not a good time.
Why, you got company or something?
Look, Iris, I've had hell of a day.
I just need a place to crash.
I'll make dinner. You got pasta?
I don't think that's a good idea.
I-I'll sleep on your couch.
For a hotel.
Just for a night or two.
( car horn honks )
Killing it.
( singing ) The four-pin dance.
These-- (laughs ) These are
the most hipster-y ones I think we have.
Do you think I'm a hipster?
That's not a cool thing anymore?
( pins clattering )
Jenna: Oh! Oh, my God!
You scared me, you know.
I was afraid that we'd lose you.
Now, if that happened,
I don't know what I'd do.
( desolate music )
♪ ♪
- You got this. - Here we go.
- You have got this. - Got this.
♪ ♪
( bowling pins clatter )
( "Lucky Penny" by JD McPherson playing )
♪ ♪
♪ Jokers turn kings ♪
♪ And diamonds to dust ♪
♪ I tried to beat the house ♪
♪ But every hand was a bust ♪
- Oh! - Yes! Whoo-hoo!
♪ Another day ends ♪
Focus on your breathing.
Arms straight out from you. Oh, my God.
♪ On needles and pins ♪
♪ ♪
♪ I keep rolling where the bad wind blows ♪
Okay, yes.
♪ I keep on running ♪
♪ But the trouble follows ♪
♪ Ain't no telling where I'm gonna end up ♪
♪ This lucky penny's been ♪
♪ Nothing but bad luck ♪
♪ ♪
♪ Bad luck ♪
♪ ♪
♪ Bad luck ♪
( all cheering )
Cleo: Two strikes is my record, and we got Henry
to play a sport!
Bowling is not a sport.
Don't say that. That's like saying "Macbeth"
in a theater. It's bad luck.
I don't think that that's a thing.
Thomas: All right, come on, people, eat up.
- Oh, my God. - I still have--
I don't know. I swear to God,
five industrial-sized tins
of what I can only guess is cheese in the back.
We're gonna be eating nachos for a month.
( sighs ) Don't say that like it's a bad thing, young lady.
Hey, do you think you'll ever open up another business?
I don't know. We'll have to see.
I do know that I'm gonna miss this place, though.
Remember the day you and your mom walked in?
- ( laughs ) - Asked if anybody knew
to fix a--( laughs )
a transmission?
Thomas: ( chuckles ) Well, this place
has been good to me.
You still can't fix a transmission.
( sighs )
( laughter )
- It's true, though. - I know, it's totally true.
Cleo: I don't know who can, though.
( soft laughter )
This might be the worst thing that's ever happened to me.
( laughter )
- Oh, my God. - Says the super pro.
( whispering ) I think we should stay.
I mean, they're like
the closest thing that we've ever had
to something
I mean, they're pretty weird, but still,
mostly in a good way.
I don't think that it has to be just me and you anymore.
( otherworldly music )
Come here.
♪ ♪
( cell phone vibrating )
( sighs )
( groans )
Townes, do you know how early it is?
Townes: You need to come over right away.
No, I'm in bed.
This is important. It's about Henry.
Jenna: Fine, I'll wake her up, but--
No, Henry can't know about this.
Townes: Come now. Come alone.
( eerie synth music )
♪ ♪
Anna: Mrs. Miller.
I'm sorry to disturb you.
Esther: If this is regarding
my husband's arrest, I don't--
Anna: It's not.
I wanted to
tell you in person.
We have a lead suspect in Amos' case.
It's Lucas Boone.
I see.
And you--you can now make an arrest?
Anna: I will, yes.
( Esther breathes raggedly )
( eerie music )
♪ ♪
There are many different ways to make peace
with tragedy, aren't there, Deputy?
♪ ♪
There was a fire
at Bill Boone's house last night.
♪ ♪
You happen to know anything about that?
♪ ♪
No, I'm afraid not.
♪ ♪
Well, luckily, nobody was hurt.
My goodness.
What providence.
♪ ♪
I really hope you find some comfort, Mrs. Miller.
♪ ♪
Anna: Have a nice day.
( crying ) Thank you.
You as well.
♪ ♪
( people exclaiming )
- Somebody grab him! - What was that?
Townes, I've seen that clip, like, a dozen times.
Yes, but now I know who this is.
- How? - I've been searching
missing persons reports from tropical locations.
Same age, race.
His name's Michael Pearce,
and he was reported missing in Bermuda
two days into his vacation.
It does look like him.
Townes: He's dead.
His body washed up off the coast of Newfoundland,
still wearing this Hawaiian shirt.
Do you think this is the same teleporter who was at your house?
I don't know. I mean,
Henry said the guy
who broke into our house
took her dad a long time ago.
This guy looks younger.
But what does this mean?
That--that teleporters are taking people?
Not just any people.
Michael Pearce was a geneticist.
He worked at Clear Tech.
The company that makes solar panels and electric cars?
Why would a geneticist work for them?
( computer beeps )
Hold up.
What's going on?
( computer beeps )
I think I've been hacked.
( alarm sounding )
♪ Future family you feel ♪
♪ We fighting for the freedom ♪
♪ We don't wanna bend back time now ♪
♪ They yelling from the roof
♪ Bananas slipping on the truth ♪
♪ And driving nails ♪
♪ Into my mind somehow ♪
♪ Are we living inside ♪
♪ The upside down, baby ♪
♪ Are we living inside ♪
♪ The upside down? Maybe ♪
( cell phone vibrates )
Bill: Henrietta, it's Bill Boone.
I'm at your house, having a chat with your mom.
You should join us.
Cleo: No, Henry, don't!
( foreboding music )
♪ ♪
What's going on? Are you okay?
Help me understand, Henrietta.
( uneasy music )
Bill: Lucas tried to tell me, but, you know, he's...
And Clay...
♪ ♪
You should've seen the expression on his face.
♪ ♪
Bill: He's afraid of you.
My boy,
who is scared of nothing,
is afraid of a little girl.
Cleo: Bill, I don't know what you think that Henry can do.
This is crazy.
♪ ♪
I'm not leaving here
until you show me your trick.
♪ ♪
Doesn't work like that. I can't just...
♪ ♪
I can't just make it happen.
♪ ♪
- Okay, Mom, Mom... - It's okay.
♪ ♪
You made me believe that you...
♪ ♪
That you cared about my son.
♪ ♪
What was I supposed to do?
I trusted you, and you lied to me.
- You're fucking insane. - Henry, stop it.
You took my family away from me.
No, I didn't.
I didn't.
♪ ♪
You have five seconds to show me.
I can't.
- Okay? - Admit what you did to my son.
Please, just put the gun down.
- Four. - Just leave my mom out of it!
- Three. - Okay, okay, okay!
I did it! I did it! I did it!
I hurt Clay in his truck.
I did it, and I didn't mean to, and I'm sorry.
- Show me! - I don't know how!
Cleo: No, please, let me go!
( crying )
( gunshot )
♪ ♪
( groans )
( panting )
♪ ♪
Oh, oh.
Oh, fuck, oh, fuck.
♪ ♪
( coughs )
♪ ♪
Oh, no.
♪ ♪
( busy city sounds in distance )
( suspenseful synth music )
♪ ♪
♪ ♪
( busy market sounds )
Where are we? Do you--
( speaking native language )
( "Forget Forgive" by Someone playing )
♪ Strange things happen in our sleep ♪
♪ Dreams follow into day ♪
♪ I'm hollow ♪
( man yelling )
♪ Don't tire yourself out ♪
♪ Toss turning in your head ♪
♪ Don't follow ♪
♪ Forget ♪
♪ ♪
♪ Forgive ♪
♪ Give ♪
♪ Forget ♪
♪ Forgive ♪
♪ Forget ♪
♪ Forgive ♪
♪ ♪
( horn blowing )
( horn blowing )
( suspenseful synth music )
♪ ♪
( desolate music )
♪ ♪
♪ ♪
( ominous droning music )
( splashing sounds )
♪ ♪
( splashing sounds )
♪ ♪
♪ ♪
Quite a mess you left me here.
( uneasy music )
I bet you got a lot of questions.
♪ ♪
( eerie music )
♪ ♪
( bright tone )
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Impulse - Ep 10

55 Folder Collection
Mackenzie published on February 14, 2020
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