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Hey guys, it's Karina! >> It's Ronald from
Sis versus Bro!
And today, is a very special day because we just hit
seven million subscribers!
And since this is such a special day,
we're doing a special video.
25 things you didn't know about Sis versus Bro!
A.K.A., us.
So we've seen videos like this, like, 25 things you didn't know
about Karina and Ronald. >> Aah!
>> And there are other interesting things that you already knew like,
Karina is 11 years old.
>> Ronald is a boy.
>> Karina and Ronald...
Are brother and sister!
Or it's just not true at all.
So... >> Yeah.
>> We're gonna give you some things you never knew,
and they're going to be true.
>> Yes. So there's going to be 25!
Quite a bit, quite a bit.
So let's begin.
>> So guys, fact number one.
We are allergic to almost every single nut.
So we can't have these, but the only nut
we're not allergic to is, hazelnuts.
So that means we can have Nutella, and Kinder Bueno, and...
We're just so lucky that one nut that we
actually cared about eating. >> Yes.
>> So guys, fact number two, Ronald loves Rubik's cubes.
He has all these different kinds of Rubik's cubes, they're like,
different shapes and sizes.
I'm like, what are even the names,
they're so complex, and Ronald can solve one,
the normal three by three in two minutes.
>> So, shall we begin?
Three, two, one.
[music playing]
Boom guys! Look at this.
I am finished. No cheats.
None of this.
It's all done. Look at this.
Like a boss.
>> So guys, fact number three.
Last year, I started playing the piano,
and I'm not very good at it.
[off-tune piano]
>> Oh! Make it stop!
>> So guys, fact number four.
I do love Fortnite, but after school I go to a chess club,
and I'm pretty good at it.
>> No, not again. >> Yes.
>> So guys, fact number five.
Our parents are polish, and we were born in Canada.
So that makes us half Polish, half Canadian,
and I guess now, half Spanish?
>> Kinda.
>> And fact number six!
We can understand Polish, but we can't really speak it,
the only thing we can say is...
[Speaking Polish]
And big shout-out to all you guys from Poland watching our videos!
>> Ooh yeah! >> Ooh! Ooh!
And guys, fact number seven!
I got my ears pierced three times,
my earrings just keep on falling off
and the hole keeps on healing
so I have to keep on piercing them again,
I hope these ones will last a little bit longer
than the other ones.
So guys, fact number eight!
Our Dad's YouTube channel is called 'freddygoesboom'!
And he plays Fortnite on it.
>> But he's not very good.
>> Yeah, I think I...
Not yet. I'm almost there.
>> So guys, fact number nine.
Our mom did not die, she is well alive,
and she is right here recording everything,
she's holding the camera, and I'm touching her right now.
She's just very camera shy,
and yet, she has five cameras in her bedroom.
So fact number 10,
I joined a rock band with three other girls,
and our first show is going to be on November the 9th.
And, fact number 11, is that...
I'm now playing guitar, I'm learning how to play the guitar
and I'm not very good at it.
This is the only chord I know.
I need a little more practice on that.
So fact number 12!
We are allergic to dogs.
That's why we don't have a dog, we used to have a dog back in Canada,
when we we're like, two years old.
We had a dog, but we have to give him away, sadly.
But we have, two cats!
This one right here is Chibi.
Chibi loves me very much.
Don't you, Chibi?
And the other one we have is George.
George is much more huggable.
He loves cuddles more.
I love you so much.
Fact number 13!
We've been to 30 countries so far,
and our next vacation which is in November.
We are gonna be going to the Philippines!
So whoever lives in the Philippines.
We are coming for you!
[music playing]
>> So guys, fact number 14.
We have four people in this house, and seven computers.
We have three gaming laptops, which are right here, two iMacs,
for me and Karina,
a laptop for my mom,
and a gaming desktop for making videos
and also playing on.
I know we are crazy.
>> So guys, fact number 15.
Another after school activity of mine is gymnastics.
I'm not very good at it but I can do something.
[Jeopardy music]
[music playing]
I guess I need to practice on that more.
So guys, fact number 16.
Our least favorite subject in school
is something you would never guess,
but it's swimming. We both hate swimming.
We just hate it because they
make us swim laps and laps, like a gazillion laps.
And you're like,
do we seriously have to do more?
And like, yeah, you could do ten more.
>> I mean like, breast stroke, back stroke, front crawl...
>> Butterfly...
And all these, I'm like, my head hurts,
why can't we just swim normally? Like this.
So guys, fact number 17.
You might already know this, but I have braces on my top teeth.
I'm getting braces on my bottom teeth, next month.
>> Okay guys, fact number 18.
I have retainers, but I only wear them at night.
Hello, this is how I speak now.
Okay guys, fact number 19.
Before I do a video, any video, whatever video,
I put on gel, and make-- I make my hair by myself.
So guys, fact number 20.
On the internet, it says my birthday is September 5th.
But, no, no, no!
That's wrong, it's actually September 3rd.
>> So guys, fact number 21.
I was the first person in this family to upload a video to YouTube.
I was probably like, 7 years old at the time.
I was like, I have to make a video.
I have to make a video!
So I posted a video but now it's deleted,
but you can see it right here.
I'm Spider-Woman,
I'm gonna climb this wall behind me.
[music playing]
Now, you think that was cool?
Whack that like button.
>> So guys, fact number 22.
I have 196 wins in Fortnite, and what 8,500 kills.
Pretty good.
>> So guys, fact number 23.
Before our Instagram accounts got deleted
three times by Instagram, or a hacker, or--
We have no idea, but every time we reach
15,000 followers on Instagram, they're like,
no, you can't have an Instagram anymore.
Delete! >> You're too big.
>> So guys, don't follow too much, you can look at it,
but don't follow too much, or else it's gonna get deleted, again.
So guys, this is my Instagram account.
The user name is kurzawa_karina.
I have 45,000 followers.
All the other Instagram accounts are fake,
even if it says it's a backup account, it's fake,
because I don't have any backup accounts.
>> So guys, fact number 24.
Our names is Karina and Ronald Kurzawa,
we have no middle name.
>> Nope.
When I was little, I wanted my middle name to be princess...
But it's just not my middle name.
So fact number 25!
We've been living in Spain for a year now--
a little over a year actually,
and we only know a little bit of Spanish. >> Just a teensy bit.
>> Like, hola, como estas, muy bien...
Like the basic stuff only. >> Yeah.
>> So that wraps up 25 things you didn't know about us,
and you can be sure that they are all true
because they're coming from the one and only...
Us. >> Yes, us.
>> We hope you like this video!
If you did, smash that like button, and we'll see you guys next time.
Good bye.
>> Oh, are you guys still here?
But if you're still here, that means you are a super duper fan.
And for the super fans, we have a special giveaway.
On Instagram, follow Ronald Kurzawa,
Karina Kurzawa and Sis versus Bro.
And you have a chance to get one of our awesome shirts.
We're going to be giving away ten of them,
so you have a chance to get one of these bad babies.
So be prepared, for a shirt to be delivered.
So guys, my Instagram account is 'ronaldkurzawa',
Karina's is 'kurzawa_karina',
and Sis versus Bro's 'sisvsbro_karina_ronald'.
So guys, make sure not to follow a fake account
because we have lots of fake accounts out there,
and if you're following one, unfollow them or else.
So be prepared for the shirts to be delivered.
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25 Things You Didn't Know About SIS vs BRO!!!

203 Folder Collection
Yuen Yee Bertha Chan published on February 14, 2020
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