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Hi. I believe you have seen my Tesla coil that has *beautiful* arcs and plays nice music.
#...**arcs generate classical music**--#
Yes it works, but it's not the BEST circuit(!)
**laughs** It might come as a surprise to you, but my designs are not necessarily *safe or efficient*.
I design them for a video, to make a point quickly.
There hasn't been any complaints; probably because there were no survivors, just that i can see a lot of you trying to make this circuit,
so I should explain a few things.
LET ME plug it in so I can show you a few --
*Arc noise* OH F*ING
I forgot. This was the first problem with the circuit.
Although I want it to rectify the A.C. line and make it work on a high D.C. voltage
it would blow up at that voltage.
So it only works on 30 Volt D.C.
And that's not the only problem with it.
It is very hard to tune it to resonance frequency, and its not an efficient circuit at all.
Well, that's pretty much it.
I mean the damn thing plays music out of its arcs. What else do you expect?
But let me explain.
See, a Tesla coil works by tuning the primary frequency *exactly* to the resonance frequency of the secondary,
which is made by the secondary inductance and the capacitance of the top load to the environment.
Here I am driving my Tesla coil by my low-power Slayer Exciter circuit.
The benefit of such circuit is, that it oscillates based on a feedback from the secondary.
So, it automatically tunes to the resonance frequency.
Let me measure the frequency for you.
I probably shouldn't do this, but I have some information about Keysight I'd like to leak.
Whatever. I am not their employee, so they can't fire me.
Let's do a proper leakage setup.
[quietly yelling] You know Keysight, right?
They make the top-est quality oscilloscopes.
Now I have this Snitch that gives me information here and there,
and he told me that Keysight is coming up with this
very affordable but VERY good line of oscilloscopes.
'1000X Series'.
Keysight is in anticipation of this big announcement, 1st of March,
but I guess I'll ruin the surprise for everyone. **laughs maniacally**--
>(What are you doing in there?!)
>>[calls] I'm *leaking* here!
>(That's not the washroom!) >>[growls]Awgh!
And every year in March is their oscilloscope giveaway month.
This March, they are giving away over 125 scopes!
It's like 5 scopes a day!
I mean, this is the best chance for you to get the tool you need for free!
All you need to do is to enter some website, scopemonth.com.
So if you need this tool and you're not a total idiot, you better sign up.
I'll sign up too, *although Snitch* found and sent me one of those 1000X Series oscilloscopes.
Let's see what it is about.
Oh, that's cheap! **giggles** What is it? A toy?
Hey, I'm your probing pal. Let's probe sh*t together! Yippee!!
'Oh no no, that's not very probe!' Yippee!!
**giggles** **plastic scrunching**
Oh, thats...
Wow. Ooh, let me...
Look, this is an 1102G , 100 MHz, 2-channel scope with megazoom,
20 MHz function generator, dedicated digital voltmeter and frequency counter, and frequency response analysis!
This will crush the competition.
I should get a few of these for my Patreons at the end of the video.
Let's get back to my Tesla coil.
Now I'm measuring the frequency of my circuit that's oscillating at the resonance frequency of my coil.
You can see that it is around 1 MHz. But as I bring my hand close,
the frequency drops to ... 800, 700 kHz.
And it's because, the capacitance of the top load to the environment is increasing.
This shows that the resonance frequency's very dependant on the environment.
And that is precisely the problem of my musical Tesla coil circuit.
It doesn't have any feedback from secondary and only works at a fixed frequency I have to tune.
So, as soon as I move around my coil, the resonance frequency changes and it stops working.
Now, to discuss the next problem, let me shove this capacitor into the powerline.
(Explosion) Sh*t!
Now you might say this was a pretty dangerous and pointless thing to do,
you're probably right.
Oh yeah! Unlike a capacitor that shorts AC, an inductor shorts DC
And a transformer, like (a) Tesla coil, only passes AC to the secondary.
So having a DC, or (a) 'direct current', component on the primary of a transformer ... just shorts it and wastes a lot of power.
But my circuit, that only switches the primary on and off to ground, results in a pulse train of currents ...
... that's only positive!
This has large AC *and* DC components, with DC being useless, and a large waste of power.
This is why my Transistors heat up and can blow up at higher voltage.
But then you might ask,
"Mr Sadaghdar, with all your smarts and genius, why did you design such a sh*t circuit?"
Elementary, Watson. This was a quick and dirty way to make the Tesla coil sing.
And after sending three months on a five minute video, I was done!
So there.
(singing) "Giveaway Time!"
Hey Snitch? Oh hi, er can I talk to Snitch please?
How many..? Twenty-five Snitches?
Just yell 'uni-brian' there, one of them knows me.
Five Snitches with uni..? No, I'm the guy with the uni-brow. Your guy gave me a Keysight scope.
Yeah, he ... Yeah, I assumed his gender based on his voice. Sorry.
Snitch, Snitch! er... For future reference, are ya a man or a woman?
Free Agent? What's a Free..?
Doesn't matter, What's your last name?
Snitchcof? You're Russian!
Nigerian Prince? No I don't want your million-dollar - Listen man,
...free agent,
uh, I need more of those Keysight scopes for my Patreons. Do you have mo...?
Three more? Yeah, send it over! Great!
Also, don't forget to enter Keysight's huge scope giveaway at scopemonth.com.
Also, if you want great information on oscilloscopes,
Keysight Oscilloscopes channel! Go watch it!
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Not the Best Tesla Coil Driver (+Keysight News Leakage)

58 Folder Collection
dnwsaa58 published on February 14, 2020
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