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Hey guys, it's Karina and its Ronald and we're from Sis vs Bro! And we are still in Thailand, but we're gonna be going to a trampoline park.
I'm so excited, because the last time I've been to a trampoline park was probably last year.
Year so I'm really excited for that
and were probroly going to be sweating a lot because we are still in thailand
we are almost dead snidjsn we are not almost dead we are almost there
seven more minutes until we get there oh gosh im excited im already really hot ohh the drive is so long yep im streching ahhhh streach
Let's skip go on the trampoline park and
We get so on all
I was amazed huge yeah Robert spoilers
Now what knows what's happening my favorite myth alright, so which one should we go under it? I don't know
We'll go on number one sign number two now say in their mating slap all right, so we're getting don't want to
Something hey guys know when he goes trembling to our cards, and you give you some we
Are going onto that actual trampoline
I'll show us your skills. Yeah. Well. You got show us something else
Why take the ball
Okay guys, we are going to be doing a challenge
Last year on tonight's exactly they're not remedying that traveling that tramping into the ball pit
But only one bounce for each trampoline
Can step on this and only one bounce for a trampoline
And if you fall, and you lose a challenge or touch the green
All right, let's see if you knew it
Do it watch me
So we are going to be going on the
Reality cooks I'm gonna be in here. It's a nice creamy like bad
Yeah, we're gonna pick that extreme
I'm ready. I'm scared why do we pick?
What about this one very long
No Oh
Think we don't even fight not the entrance or exit we go
No no there this way
It's the way
No that is the wrong way we went there about a hundred times that means we have to go somewhere that
No, I'll be the mirror
That's the right way, that's the entrance quite found it oh
Now we gotta go six way apparently
Virtual reality
Reality all right lady says that there's something blue. Well. We've got to follow up. I can't see anything
Looks like I'm gonna be going come on meet our once again. I'll evict
So these are going to be our seats, we're going to sit in
That was really strange yeah, I thought a guy dad's l-like
Oh really oh
Thank you. What's your name?
My lads do you want to take a picture?
Guys now we're going on
That ride was crazy under first up
We are on a plane then we have to jump off it and then we draw on a roller coaster
And I'm just going to shake yeah shaking all the time. Hi guys. We really recommend these guys cuz they're super fun
It's so ignorant. I'll come here because
It's worth it
Guys we hope you liked this video if it is smash that like button
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Trampoline Park Challenge!!!

44 Folder Collection
Yuen Yee Bertha Chan published on February 13, 2020
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