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- Hello I am Taylor Hill.
- I'm Winnie Harlow.
- I'm Hayley Bieber
and not Baldwin anymore. - [Interviewer] Hayley Bieber?
Everyone knows now.
- My name's Anok Yai.
- Hi, I'm Hyunji.
- Hi, I'm Krow.
- Cara Taylor
and we're here to talk about
(electronic music)
- [Hill] Oh God.
- My first kiss was
in kindergarten or grade one.
- I was five.
- 17.
- It was in a bank parking lot!
- Very romantic first kiss!
- I don't remember my first kiss.
Who remember their first kiss?
- Do I have to explain it?
- [Interviewer] Yeah!
- I was 13 and he was actually a Japanese exchange student.
- First kiss that I can remember with a boy that I
really really really had a big crush on,
when I was probably
or 13?
We were sledding at my house.
We did a little jump onto the driveway
and we're laying there and laughing
and there was snow on the ground
and we kissed.
- I don't remember
who it was with or what happened
but I'm pretty sure I was outside on the playground.
I thought it was what you would do if you were friends
because I thought my parents were friends
and they would kiss.
- So he said, I love you, first
but I kinda felt it a bit sooner than him
but not too much 'cause that would have been weird.
- We were playing girls versus boy freeze-tag
and I ran after my crush, pinned him to the floor
and kissed him. (laughs)
- I was
sitting at the bench;
it was dark
and then
we were
just doing--
(kiss noise)
- (laughs)
My worst kiss-
I feel like he's gonna see this
but whatever.
- I've definitely had a couple that I was like eugh,
I wish that did not happen!
- My worst kiss was maybe two years ago or a year ago.
It was really wet, a lot of tongue.
- We've all had those!
- I was at a party in college.
I saw one of my friends;
I thought he was cute so I was like, oh let me go kiss him.
I felt like he was trying to eat my face.
- Something that was really sweet that was done for me was
someone coming and supporting me on one of the biggest days
of my career life
- I got home from work one day
and my husband had flowers just, because,
on the table for me
and no-one had ever done that for me before,
for just no occasion, no specific reason.
- I'm into all that cringey
romantic stuff
but I've never had it before.
Hint hint, Joesph please!
- Sometimes he'll just pat me on the back
and be like, you done good kid,
and I'm like,
That's all I needed!
- I think love is just a really important thing,
I think it comes in all different types of relationships;
all different forms.
- The most important part is communication;
I'm very good at communicating.
- I hope that you either are with someone that you love
or you're out there trying to find someone that you
can spend some time with.
- [Cara] Happy Valentines Day!
- [Winnie] I love love so much.
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Hailey Bieber, Taylor Hill, and Winnie Harlow Describe Their First Kiss | Harper's BAZAAR

86 Folder Collection
Sunnia published on February 13, 2020
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