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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may have taken a shocking risk when they decided to announce
that they were leaving their positions as senior members of the British royal family.
But they appear to have handled the entire situation smoothly up to this point, especially
since it turns out that they reportedly had to rush their exit and make their announcement
much earlier than expected.
Harry and Meghan were originally following a plan that had been in the works for months
and likely would have taken a lot longer to officially unfold but the timeline changed
suddenly when their goals were reportedly leaked to the press.
According to The New York Times:
"[The Duke and Duchess of Sussex] felt forced to disclose their plans prematurely after
they learned that The Sun [...] got wind of the internal discussions about their status
and was preparing a story, two people with ties to the family said."
"My British friends said to me, I'm sure he's great but you shouldn't do it because the
British tabloids will destroy your life."
Harry and Meghan's announcement may have caused a massive shakeup, but surely it was better
that the news came from them instead of coming from a tabloid.
Either way, these royal renegades are now in the middle of a "Megxit" firestorm that
continues to reshuffle the deck and force their hand.
"I never thought that this would be easy, but I thought it would be fair, and that's
the part that's really hard to reconcile."
While Harry and Meghan may be punished for defying the queen, it looks like the prince
will have to face the senior royals alone, because Meghan has reportedly left the country
in order to take care of her other major priority: their son, Archie.
While away from his parents, Archie was being cared for by a nanny and Meghan's close friend,
Jessica Mulroney, who is a fashion stylist, according to E! News.
Mulroney took to Instagram to share a post amidst the Megxit mania that appeared to be
in support of Meghan, saying,
"A strong woman looks a challenge in the eye and gives it a wink."
According to E!, it's widely believed that Prince Harry will return to his wife and son
in Canada soon, but he also has some previously scheduled engagements in England later in
the month.
Considering the Duke and Duchess were forced to rush their announcement, all of their future
plans are subject to change.
Meghan and Harry have always come across as smooth operators, but only time will tell
how well they cope with being forced to rush into what's now become the circus known around
the world as Megxit.
According to The New York Times, the couple had been planning the move for a few months,
meaning that they supposedly worked out what they wanted, submitted their intentions to
Prince Charles, and asked for a meeting with the Queen to discuss the situation.
However, the Evening Standard explains that an important next step supposedly never happened
because the meeting was blocked.
Before they could make another attempt, it seems their plans were leaked, forcing them
to break their own news or have the press break it for them.
Even though Harry and Meghan weren't able to execute their original plan the way they
intended, they did manage to complete one very telling task before things went wild.
The pair had already applied for a copyright stamp, which includes the 'Sussex Royal' name
and their joint charity, The Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, according
to Pure Wow.
The publication went on to explain,
"The copyright is granted by the U.K.'s Intellectual Property Office.
All it means is Prince Harry and Markle have complete control over the 'Sussex Royal' name,
which covers a variety of areas, including printed merchandise, clothing, charitable
fundraising, and social care services."
The couple reportedly submitted the paperwork for the brand trademark in June 2019, and
it was approved in December 2019, just weeks before the announcement that they would be
stepping back from royal duties to pursue a more independent life including financial
Trademarking "Sussex Royal" could certainly help them cash in on their particular roles.
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The Real Reason Meghan And Harry Rushed Their Exit

15 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 13, 2020
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