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Omoide Yokocho, is a tiny lane way
tucked away close to Shinjuku Station.
The alleyway is known by many names,
like Memory Lane, and Piss Alley,
and is famous as an eating and drinking alley.
The venues inside the tiny alleyway
are also known as Izakayas,
which are traditional drinking bars that serve small bites.
The concept is that you stay at an Izakaya for a while
as you keep on ordering drinks and food.
What makes Omoide Yokocho so special,
is that the venues are really small and narrow.
They only fit a few people at the bar.
Most venues in the alley, specialize in yakitori sticks,
where you can order many different varieties.
From pork belly with leek to chicken hearts.
The look and feel of the place is really something else,
with red lanterns, smoky atmosphere,
and lots of people packed into the tiny bars.
It's so unique, that it is said to have inspired
the look and feel of Blade Runner.
The best way to experience Memory Lane
is to walk around and find an Izakaya you like.
Just find a spot where you feel the vibe is good,
and sit down.
Order a drink and some yakitori sticks,
and try to strike up a conversation
with the person sitting next to you.
It's easy to make friends in Japan,
when you're having a drink or 10.
Once your filled up on chicken skin,
definitely make your way to Tokyo's Golden Gai.
The world famous tiny bar area close by.
It's a perfect way to end your Shinjuku night.
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Amazing Yakitori in Tokyo's Piss Alley!

64 Folder Collection
Courtney Shih published on February 12, 2020
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