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  • So when was the last time that you wrote a handwritten note?

  • It's probably been a while.

  • Technology has changed the way we communicate.

  • We send emails, not letters, text messages, not phone calls.

  • We order delivery instead of cooking dinners in our kitchen.

  • All in the name of efficiency.

  • But here's the point.

  • Technology has made it easier to communicate but it hasn't made it easier to connect with other human beings.

  • I've found that the secret to connecting in the high-tech, fast-paced world that we live in, is doing a few small things the old-fashioned way.

  • Write a letter.

  • I've written thousands of handwritten notes thanking people for advice, thanking them for an interview.

  • It just puts that extra effort to show someone that you really care and that you're willing to go above and beyond.

  • Some advice for writing a thank-you letter is to really make it clear to the person that you're writing to the impact that they have had on your life.

  • Talk about something specific like "Thank you for the advice that you gave me. It's because of the advice you gave me, that I am now doing x."

  • People are looking to make a difference.

  • And so if you can show someone that they've really had an impact on the life that you're living, the life you're pursuing, it could have a huge impact.

  • Pick up the phone and dial.

  • We've hired thousands of employees and I've personally called every single one of them to welcome them to the Compass family.

  • I'm able to set the tone of really what I want the company to be.

  • Where, you know, people go above and beyond to make people feel welcomed and to give people a sense of belonging.

  • And sometimes I call people on their last day of work.

  • When people leave, sometimes they're more transparent than they ever were when they were actually still at the company.

  • And so it's a great opportunity to get the kind of feedback that is very hard to get otherwise.

  • Ask interesting and meaningful questions when you get outside of the office.

  • When I'm traveling the country, every single night I'll have dinner with people in the company.

  • And I like to ask questions like "What's your underlying motivation? "

  • "What's something that's happened this week that meant a lot to you?"

  • And when you go around the table, and people really open up and are able to engage, it sets a different tone.

  • When people come back to the office, they can see each other and they know each other in a deeper way.

  • Answer questions with honesty.

  • You know how it feels when you go into an elevator and someone says, "How was your weekend?"

  • It could've been the best weekend ever, you could've met the love of your life the person you want to marry, and you would say, "Good, how was yours?"

  • If you want to connect with people, then you have to open up.

  • I'm not always that good at it, and I imagine most people aren't.

  • But that's why being open stands out so much, because most people aren't.

  • Turn the video on.

  • I would always recommend a video conference over a phone call because that's when you can see the real personality come out.

  • When you're on video, you're forced to be present.

  • It's almost a forcing mechanism to be in the moment.

  • Nobody succeeds alone.

  • The more you can take time to develop genuine, authentic relationships, the more you're going to be able to realize your dreams.

  • Because you're going to be able to take big risks and know that there's a network of people to cheer you on and to support your efforts.

So when was the last time that you wrote a handwritten note?

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