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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Lesson 388. The title of today's lesson is the

  • difference between overdue and expire. Yeah. Sometimes I will have students ask

  • me about these two and sometimes it could lead to a mistake or it could lead

  • to confusion, if you don't know the difference between the two. So let's take

  • a look here. First. Let's look at the note. We look at

  • overdue. Overdue means that something should have been done before or at an

  • earlier time. So we usually use it for things like that. It is often used for

  • things that are borrowed. You know, like like a book from the library or a

  • videotape from a store or video game from a store or something like that.

  • And should be returned or things that should have been paid by a certain date.

  • You know, especially things like bills. You know your bill could be overdue. Your

  • electric bill could be overdue or your gas bill could be overdue. Okay. Let's

  • continue here with expire. Expire means things ... expire means that an agreement

  • contract or documents time period comes to an end. Expire is often used for

  • memberships like if you know you belong to a gym or or a health club or

  • something like that you may have a membership. Contracts of course, contracts

  • can expire. They do expire. They , you have an ending date. That's why baseball

  • players or sports players have to resign with a new contract. Because the old one

  • does eventually end. It expires. It comes to an end. Dates on documents, you know,

  • passport , license. Such as passports, licenses, etc. It is also used to be a

  • limit on things that are perishable. All right. You know just like you go to the

  • store. We have expiration date on a lot of food. Usually the the date on most of

  • those is usually like a sell by date. But it's still there's an expiration date.

  • That stores cannot sell it by a certain date. So you have expiration

  • dates on lots of food or should no longer be used. Yes. There's also

  • expiration dates on like medicine. You know , they don't suggest that you use it

  • you know, past this date or something like that. All right. Let's continue. All right.

  • Let's listen to the first one here with the X. This is one where a student is

  • likely to make a mistake. I didn't realize my passport was overdue

  • until I got to the airport. No. That's a document. We use expire, not overdue. Okay.

  • Good. All right. Number ... next one here I had to pay a fine because my library book was

  • overdue. Well, remember we told you with things that are borrowed we often use

  • overdue or they were expected to happen by a certain time. We use it for a woman

  • to when she gets pregnant you know, we always say a due date and if she goes

  • past that due date , we say the baby is overdue. Because the baby was expected to

  • arrive by a certain date. Okay. Let's continue here. Your payment is overdue. If

  • you don't pay it by by the 10th the electric company will turn off your

  • power. Power here means electricity. So again we definitely use it for bills.

  • Bills will be overdue. If they haven't been done by that certain date. Okay. The next

  • one. Your membership will expire in two days. So remember , membership,

  • membership is really a type of a contract. So we also say with contracts

  • you know, they end they expire in two days if you don't renew. Renew, of course

  • that means you're basically signing a new contract to extend it. All right. Let's

  • continue. The date on this coupon is expired and can no longer be used. Okay.

  • Well you know, it's also kind of a document in a way or you know it's

  • something they can no longer be used past a certain date. So we say that it

  • expired. Yeah. Let's continue. The driver's

  • license will expire on your birthday. Yeah . In the u.s. they often have that.

  • They always go by the people's birthdate again. So you have to renew by your birth date

  • again. You know, every four years or ten years or however long you, you would

  • extend your driver's license for. Okay. Good. All right. And the last one here.

  • The date on this bottle of Medicine expired two years ago. So in other words, it

  • shouldn't be used after this date. Perhaps you shouldn't use it. Okay. I hope

  • this is clear. I hope it was informative. I hope you got a much better feel now of when

  • you should use expire and when you should use overdo. Okay. Thank you for

  • your time. Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Lesson 388. The title of today's lesson is the

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Tutor Nick P Lesson (388) The Difference Between Overdue and Expire

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