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- [Narrator] This is a billion dollars.
We think.
And that billion dollars belongs to RJ Rappaport
and he's considered the "King of Cash."
- "King of fake cash."
- [Narrator] Okay, "King of Fake Cash."
- My name is Rich "RJ" Rappaport
and I'm the president of RJR Props.
- [Narrator] Just a few years ago-
- Actually it was nine years ago.
- [Narrator] Oh sorry, nine years ago
RJR Props was born.
It's a full service prop house,
but it's specialty is cash.
Fake cash.
And there's only a few people who can legally make it,
and RJ is one of them.
- We've worked with 50 Cent, Kendrick Lamar,
Lil Wayne, Fat Joe, Young Dolph.
- [Narrator] And that's just to name a few.
RJ's prop money has been used in over 175 feature films,
television shows, and music videos.
And he devoted three full years
to perfecting that crisp green paper we call money.
Prop money.
- And we went down a long path,
from working with the Secret Service
and learning all the laws,
to make sure that everyone that uses it,
it will be legal for them and it will look fantastic.
- [Narrator] But for those who don't follow the rules,
they could wind up in big trouble.
- There was a rash of arrests.
People were just literally jailed
because they were using prop money that looked too real.
And I said to myself, "I'm not going to touch this
"unless I know I'm doing it legally."
- [Narrator] Alongside the Secret Service,
RJ created two different styles of prop money.
One that is printed on both sides
and is perfect for that classic bank robbery scene.
The other kind is so close to the real deal,
it can only be printed on one side.
Otherwise, it could end up in circulation.
It's designed for the classic money shot, aka-
- This.
- [Narrator] The close up.
- It's a tough business.
We all work hard in it,
and prop money especially is not easy.
- [Narrator] Yeah, sounds like it.
Thanks, RJ, for keeping fake money, real.
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Meet the King of Fake Cash

33 Folder Collection
Taka published on February 12, 2020
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