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The only time you can browse r/lingling40hrs
is when you practiced 40 hours.
D U H ! ! !
(The most talented subreddit ever!)
(Ling Ling 40 Hours, unite!)
(Ling Ling wannabes!)
(Practice, practice!)
(Did you practice today?)
(Ling Ling 40 hours!)
(Ling Ling 40 hours!!!)
"Children's notebook".
They even wrote an English translation.
What part is that?
"Corno in F".
Corno in F refers to horn, in F.
- Ohh. - French horns.
I wanna see the recording.
Dude, what? Are you serious?
7 bars, 8 bars.
We saw that!
I don't think you should be talking during the tacet,
- but, we appreciate it. - Yeah, exactly.
Yeah, are you still counting? *chuckle*
Ahh, it's 'cause you're talking!
- That was perfect! - Beautifully played.
- Beautifully played. - Yeah.
No mistakes.
I really enjoyed the uh...
Artistic interpretation.
Yes, the rhythmic integrity.
You are feeling the pulse
along with the rest of the orchestra,
- during your... - Yeah.
...beautifully expressed tacet part.
I'm not sure about the talking during it.
Although I appreciate the sentiment very much.
I don't think Shostakovich intended for
the French horns to be speaking.
But apart from that...
...beautiful performance.
I rate it 40/40.
Oh, man!
- That's right guys, gonna pay back the HECS. - Sad days...
- Yeah... - All those fees...
...for studying.
For those of you that don't know,
HECS is the Australian equivalent of student loans.
Two in a row!!!
- Ohhhh! What a burn! - Are they made by the s—
Are they made by the same people?
They're not!
- Dude...! - Wow!!! What a burn!
Sad days...
That's very sad days.
I mean the real secret is...
I'm waiting.
- Practice a lot! - What's the secret?
- Don't just study but practice! - Yes.
I mean, we always practice.
Sounds like something a trap would say!
To be fair I feel like that's not
just music degree, but like—
Most degrees out there, I guess.
Life these days.
There's a lot of traps in life guys.
That's very considerate.
I wish...
the same thing could be done during conversations.
Just like, "Stop."
The silence is here for you to start a new conversation.
- Yeah. - More properly.
- Oohhhhh!!! Can you see this? - Woahhhh!!!
First prize!
- Woo!!! - Congratulations! Nice.
First and second.
Oh first prize and second prize! Both!
Whoa, first prize for Children Class E.
And second prize Chopin class.
- Whoa!!! That's legit! - Wow!!!
That's what practice does!
But can you play 15 notes a second?
Change the first prize to Guinness World Records.
Told you, this is the most talented subreddit!
Dude, that's actually so good.
- Congratulations. - Nice work, uh...
"Blue-squiggle" Jing Shan. *chuckle*
"Blue-squiggle" Jing...
Yeah, they blocked their name out.
- Classekal! - *chuckles* Look at the hand!
How many minuets are there in...
- In... - A...
In a...
- Trying to find uh—find a form that like... - Holst?
- That's the worst! That's the worst...! - That one failed...that was so fail.
And that's why you guys make the memes,
- and we react to them. *chuckle* - Yeah...!
Dude, the eyes are red as hell.
That's like me sightreading in a dark orchestral pit.
But bassists usually have stools, no?
- That's true. But they can still play standing. - They can play standing, yes.
Cellos are just...
Oh cellos you can play standing, but it's just not so...
- Not so...yeah... - ...orthodox, and not so good.
Actually, now that I think about it,
it was always annoying, back in the busking days.
The violins,
we could just rock up with a violin and stand,
- and the cellos always had to bring a chair. - Yeah.
And that's why you should learn the violin.
Most transport friendly.
And not the viola.
'Cause you get busted for airlines. *chuckle*
Oh, wow!
If you've ever done grocery shopping,
that's what it feels like.
It's "baroquen".
*dry chuckle*
* S H R I E K *
Has your mom have asked you to practice
with your door opened?
I always close my door.
If anything, my mom tells me to practice
with my door shut.
- Yeah, too noisy. - She's like, "Too noisy."
She's like, "I don't want to hear...all those...
...failures, in the practice room."
I guess yeah, that's so true,
as a musician we're so used to hearing like
"Good luck with your concert",
there's rarely like a feeling of
it's always like "Crap. Concert."
I know.
You're hoping all your preparations are worth it.
'Cause it all comes down to that one moment, right?
Is luck really an element?
Things always happen.
You just have to practice as much as you can, so...
...luck is on your side.
Dude, even back then,
people hated coughing audiences.
I remember when we went to watch, um,
It's literally like, end of the first movement...
*heavy coughing*
Yeah, everyone's like held it up,
*heavy coughing*
- It's like, "Turn around! Go back! Go back! Go back!" - Nooooo!!!! *boom*
That's so true.
- Ohhh!!! - 'Cause you don't know where the um,
- where to start from. - Yeah.
And then once it goes back, sometimes you doesn't—
- It jumps to the very end. - Mm-hmm.
- Oh my god. I can't believe I— - Whoa!
Oh my god, wow.
Edwina, yeah.
Dude, Edwina looks—
Killing it.
Dude, even the hair looks much better back then.
Which one's your favourite?
Tiger mom.
The birth of Ling Ling.
Yeah, I like Edwina and Viola King.
But nice!
Nice work for compiling that.
It's the same face.
That feeling when you don't practice
and perform out of tune.
No, that feeling when you practiced
and didn't play in tune.
Like "Whaaaaat?!"
- Nice! - "The Muse".
That's pretty sick.
Even the hair looks better than my haircut.
I like the um, pink.
So talented.
- Thank you. - I "limeb" you.
My "flexes".
My "reflexes".
So true.
'Cause the bow is so sensitive.
Snap, it's gone.
- It's so prone to damage. - It's delicate.
Most of the time the bow breaks
when you put the bow in the violin case
without tying up.
Always gotta... *clicks tongue*
Put the seatbelt on, guys!
If you're holding your newborn baby,
and a Strad in one hand,
and then you trip,
and you have to save one,
which one would you save?
I mean, what should I say on camera?
- The truth! - The truth is...
Should test it.
Newborn baby.
We tested it. Go off-screen, it helps.
Truth comes out.
- What did you say, Eddy?! - *laughs*
Dude, I didn't say that!
- What did you say? Ohhhhhhhhh!!!!!! - I didn't say anything!
- It really depends, I think baby, though. - Dude, that's a hard one.
But that means you owe 10 mil.
Like your baby basically has to get sold anyway.
Now it depends how it drops.
If they both drop,
instinctively I'll probably side on the baby, and just like...
Yeah, I think I will go baby.
I'll go baby.
And then instrument will just be like uh, afterthought.
But what if they're all three years old?
They can run around.
- The baby's fine. - The Strad. *laughs*
If the head is first, no.
But if it's feet...
You're at the edge of a cliff.
Yeah, nah, I'll hold the baby.
There's no question.
That's no question.
It's not that I'm out of key,
it's a B flat sus 6 sharp fourth—
"Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuu—"
I know how that feels,
because I have perfect pitch, did you know that?
What note is it? *sings note*
- F sharp. - Dammit.
That is awesome!
Dude that's so epic!
- I love the colors. - Mmm...! Mm-hmm.
- Dude, that is awesome! - Dude!
- Thank you so much. - Thank you.
And guys keep an eye out,
the tour is happening this year,
things will be out soon.
- Well, that's cool. - *gasp*
Oh, yeah, Happy New—Chinese New Year!
It's bit late, guys!
Oh we made the guzheng video
in case you haven't seen it.
But Happy New Year, everyone!
That's pretty cool.
- Dude, look at our dance! - What's—
Wait, let's do it.
- Ohhhhhh!!!! - Ohh I'm sorry, let me do it again!
Do it again.
Oh wait, I thought we're doing this first!
Oh, yes. Wait, you're off the shot.
But it's okay, guy, please subscribe.
Check out the merch.
Thanks so much for the support,
and we'll see you guys...
...next time.
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Brass Players Can ALL Relate to This

30 Folder Collection
李芷凝 published on February 12, 2020
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