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- You have a good ear?
- Yep.
- Are you a great cook?
- No. - Okay cool.
(upbeat music)
- We love Troye's music so much,
but how do we feel about Mr.Troye Sivan's cooking?
The Talk Me Down singer took some time
in between his Bloom tour,
to chop it up at the Bon Apetite test kitchen,
and a video released yesterday
for the Food Magazine's back to back chef YouTube series.
In the cooking challenge, Sivan only has 20 minutes
and verbal instructions from Bon Apetite's food director,
to prep a full meal with only a little bit of help.
- You know. - Ah, there it is.
- There it is. - Oh my God.
- Like you're breaking the spine of a book.
It's-- - Whoo.
- Sivan holds his own in the challenge,
de-boning a chicken, and smashing parsley and anchovy,
and spices, with a mortar and pestle.
I'm not even domestic enough to know what that is.
The pop prince is even a bit impressed with himself
by the end.
- Okay so at the beginning I think you were at like
solid beginner. - Yeah.
- How do you feel now?
- Like slightly better beginner.
♪ Oh my my my ♪
- Oh my my my, indeed.
To watch the full video, head over to billboard.com.
Hey, Troye, I need some of that chicken.
Text me, maybe we'll have a cook-off alright?
I'll lose.
From Billboard News, I'm Tetris Kelly.
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My My My! Troye Sivan Spices It Up in the Most Adorable Cooking Challenge | Billboard News

25 Folder Collection
Sunnia published on February 12, 2020
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