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Hey...so...today was pretty intense.
- You mean catching the shooter?
I know, it's a great story.
I just hope Pitt can get in good enough shape
to play me in the movie, you know?
- Mm, yeah.
Um, also, something else happened.
I thought I might be pregnant.
- Really? - Yeah.
I'm not, I got my period.
And I took a pregnancy test, but it didn't work
because I drank 11 gallons of water.
- Told you water was bad for you.
- That's not the takeaway. - You're absolutely right.
How are you, how do you feel? Are you okay?
- I mean, I was really stressed.
This wasn't our plan, and we agreed we'd wait a year
and there's so much to do first,
and it would've been crazy, right?
- Yeah, it would've been.
- Okay.
- But...
also might've been...
kinda cool.
- Honestly?
I was secretly bummed when the test came back negative.
- Should we just start trying?
- Seriously?
- Yeah, seriously.
- Okay. Yeah.
[both chuckle]
[mellow music]
- [chuckles]
- Oh, wait! It's after 11.
- [gasps] - My interview!
It's supposed to be on the news.
- An incredible conclusion
to a terrifying day,
and we were able to get a comment
from the men who helped solve this case.
- They call us the Weiner Warriors.
- No!
- Not a doctor. - Shh.
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Jake and Amy Make a Big Decision - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

131 Folder Collection
Xinhe published on February 12, 2020
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