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I think my soccer career has taught me a lot about being a woman.
I think that it's really great that we play a team sport
and everybody brings something different to the table.
Everybody brings different strengths.
That's what makes teamwork and
really that's kinda what makes our world amazing and beautiful.
It's cool that there's days like International Women's Day that
give us opportunity to reflect on the bigger picture
of being a woman and an athlete and
I'm really excited to be a part of this whole experience and journey and
hopefully be a part of history
and this league will continue to stay around for a long time.
My career in soccer has taught me that I can push myself past limits
that I never thought I could surpass.
Being a woman has taught me how to empower myself and others through my sport.
Being a soccer player has redefined what I think it means to be a woman.
You know, these kind of, I think gender and roles and stereotypes
that people try to place on people,
we go out and every single day and show that, you know, we're just as
tough as the boys, physical as the boys.
You know our pain tolerance is just as high as the boys, maybe even a little bit higher.
But it's that idea that we can do anything and there are no limits.
My career as a soccer player has taught me that
as a woman, I can do anything.
You know I think from a young age there was never anything I felt I couldn't do.
And I think that if one little girl looks at us and know that too,
my job is done. You know our job is done. So,
I think it's just an incredible opportunity to show the world that
we're capable of so much. And you know
I think in the next ten years, you're going to see a lot more women doing a lot more badass things.
My career as a soccer player has taught me that no one should be underestimated
being a woman. That we all come here for the same purpose.
We are competitors. We want to win and we're doing whatever it takes
to follow our dreams and I think that's a great thing about being a woman and an athlete.
Being a soccer player has taught me that women can lead.
You can push yourself to your limits. I think
that many times women get discouraged and I think that this is
an awesome opportunity, as a soccer player or an athlete, just
to push your own limits and show you can do anything you set your mind to
and you can reach goals and I think the biggest thing is getting the youth
into the game and showing them that honestly any dream is not too big.
My career as a soccer player has taught me to be assertive and vocal in soccer.
My career as a soccer player has taught me that being a woman means you can be anything you want to be.
You can be fierce, strong, competitive
also girly and feminine, but all can come under one thing
and soccer is an awesome expression in making it what you want to be.v
My career as a soccer player has taught me
that anything is possible and just because I'm a woman,
doesn't deter me any less from achieving what I want to achieve
and be successful.
My career as a soccer player has taught me how to deal with multiple types of diversity.
My favorite thing I've learned about being a woman through being a soccer player is
just learning that there are no limits.
I think when you find your "why", the thing that drives you,
you can be pushed to achieve anything that you want to achieve.
I think you're going to encounter a lot of barriers as a woman in sports
and as a woman in general
and my favorite thing that I've learned and witnessed throughout my career is
that when you find that thing, your Northern Star, that thing that's driving you,
you can achieve anything that you want to achieve.
My career as a soccer player has taught me
to be a strong, independent, and confident woman.
My career as a soccer player has taught me about being a woman that
I am adaptable to pretty much anything.
My soccer journey has taken me through highs and lows.
So after the sport, I mean obviously can't play forever sadly,
I know I'm ready for whatever comes my way.
Being a female athlete, it just shows we can do anything that the males can do.
We're powerful, we're strong. We can still inspire boys and girls.
And it's nice to be looked up to and
just to be a female and have that word "athlete" after it is pretty cool.
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International Women's Day | NWSL 2019

75 Folder Collection
ally.chang published on February 11, 2020
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