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  • Hi guys!

  • Dan here for BBC Learning English with this week's Learner Question.

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  • Learners' Questions

  • OK!

  • This week's learner question comes from... Oum in Cambodia, who asks, "When should I use the words bored and boring?"

  • It's a very good question Oum.

  • Are you listening?

  • Here we go.

  • Bored and boring are both adjectives.

  • They have the same meaning i.e. not interesting.

  • But they're used in different ways.

  • Consider: I am bored because this TV program is boring.

  • Or, this film is frightening, so I am frightened.

  • In English, when an adjective has an "ed" and an "ing" form, the "ed" form describes the feeling of the person, whereas the "ing" form describes the object which makes us feel.

  • I feel bored because the TV is boring.

  • I feel frightened because the film is frightening.

  • But if I stop watching the film, I will not be frightened any more, yet the film will still be frightening.

  • We can make another difference between bored and boring.

  • One which describes a temporary feeling or a permanent quality.

  • For example, I don't like David.

  • He's boring.

  • Or, I'm bored, let's go and have some fun.

  • In the first example, I don't like David because he's boring.

  • This describes a permanent quality.

  • David was boring yesterday, he's boring today, and he will probably be boring tomorrow.

  • However, in my second example, I have a temporary feeling.

  • I am bored.

  • If I go and do something fun, I won't be bored any more, will I?

  • I hope that answers your question Oum.

  • Thank you very much for writing to us.

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  • See you next time on Learners' Questions.

Hi guys!

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