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>> He cannot live a normal life.
You can try to distance yourself
from the Paparazzi, but he's
never going to get away from it.
>> Cohen says there will always
be threats out there for the
royal couple, especially for
He did serve in the Middle East,
but the number one threat is
>> I believe it's the salacious
appear tide for information,
which krifg even harder now that
we're online.
>> Cohen knows a thing or two
about the Paparazzi, especially
in L.A., having wording for Brad
pith, the, the threat broadband
the in your face, the threat of
breaching traffic violations for
the purpose of getting a shot of
the royal couple while they're
out and about and moving.
Firms Harry and Meghan are
currently on 24-hour security
35id for by the royal family.
Cohen believes that would need
to continue if he has to pay for
you have to 12 guards.
>> I would say anywhere between
3 and 5 million a year to
protect them around the clock.
That includes mobile security,
that includes estate protection,
which is obviously they're
staying at whatever palace
they're living in, and also
travel security.
Then there's also security on
him and then security on her and
whenever they're not together.
>> Cohen says their safety and
security could determine whether
they move to Canada or the U.S.,
due to Canada's strict gun laws.
>> Getting armed body guards in
Canada will be next to
They're either going to need to
do whatever they can to hang on
to the royal security provided
by the queen or they're going to
have to consider moving to the
United States where body guards
such as myself, who run security
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Celebrity Bodyguard Breaks Down How Meghan Markle & Prince Harry's Security Needs Will Change

8 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 11, 2020
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