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The Chronicles of Narnia helped launch the careers of some of the young stars of the films, while others already had some acting work under their belts.
Since starring in the franchise, the kids from the Narnia movies have all grown up and
gone on to accomplish some amazing things.
William Moseley played the oldest of the Pevensie children, Peter, in the Chronicles of Narnia
In Narnia, Peter and his siblings are crowned kings and queens, with Peter reigning as High
Playing the role of the High King of Narnia wouldn't be the last time Moseley portrayed
royalty, though.
He went on to play Prince Liam on The Royals from 2015 to 2018.
"You're actually leaving me with these nutjobs?"
Moseley told MEAWW that he often feels typecast because of his role in the Narnia films, but
he added that he isn't too bothered by it.
He said:
"It's just a sensibility that I connect to.
Connecting to sensibility means that it comes naturally.
Playing a role of a drug addict would be really challenging because it is not in my sensibility
and won't come naturally to me.
But I'd like to challenge myself, and for it to come naturally, I'd have to be cast
in it."
Moseley did have a chance to break type in 2019 with his role as Agent Bryant in The
Courier, an action thriller set in the gritty London underground.
Anna Popplewell has had several roles since appearing in the Narnia films, including those
in Freak of Nurture and Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn.
Her most notable role since the Narnia films, however, was playing Lola on the television
series Reign from 2013 to 2016.
Like The Chronicles of Narnia, Reign is set in a historical period and has fantasy elements.
Popplewell played one of the ladies-in-waiting for Mary, Queen of Scots and wore a number
of lavish costumes for the show.
She explained to Harper's Bazaar in 2013 that finding herself on the set of another fantasy
just sort of happened, saying:
"I like fantasy, but it's not like I've set out with this 'I'm never wearing jeans and
a t-shirt,' attitude.
I just want to do anything where I'm learning, and it's definitely a learning curve doing
a series because I've never done this pace before."
Unlike his onscreen siblings, Skandar Keynes, who played younger brother Edmund, has turned
away from the performing arts.
In fact, Keynes hasn't had an acting role since appearing in 2010's The Voyage of the
Dawn Treader.
It seems that, instead of continuing his acting career, he decided to further his studies.
According to Business Insider, Keynes went on to Cambridge University, where he studied
Arabic, Persian, and Middle Eastern History.
He told the publication:
"I had found an area of study and a course that I was really passionate about.
I couldn't rationalize delaying that opportunity.
And I wasn't convinced that I could effectively balance the two at the same time and be able
to achieve what I wanted to achieve at university."
In 2018, Express reported that Keynes was working in politics as a political adviser.
Georgie Henley was just eight years old when she first played Lucy, the youngest of the
Pevensie kids.
Since filming her final Narnia film, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Henley has enjoyed a
successful career with roles in Perfect Sisters, The Sisterhood of Night, Access All Areas,
and Starz's The Spanish Princess.
"You want the limelight?
I wanna be in Twilight."
The actress has also directed a short film, Tide, along with studying English Literature
at the University of Cambridge.
In 2018, Henley made her professional stage debut in the play Angry.
Henley is grateful to the Chronicles of Narnia films for launching her acting career.
She told WhatsOnStage:
"Narnia gave me everything I have now.
At the time I really felt like I'd jumped in at the deep end, on my first day I had
to be told not to look in the camera.
But traveling the world and meeting all those people gave me the hope that I could carry
on with acting as a career."
In early 2019, Henley was cast in HBO's planned Game of Thrones prequel series.
Although the show received a pilot order, Deadline announced in November 2019 that the
network had canceled plans to move forward with its production.
Ben Barnes is among the biggest names connected to the Chronicles of Narnia franchise.
After starring in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader in 2010, Barnes went on to land roles in numerous
films, including Killing Bono, The Words, and Seventh Son.
But two of his biggest roles following his Narnia days were on the small screen.
Barnes played Logan in HBO's Westworld and Billy Russo in Netflix's Marvel series The
"It was war, Dinah.
And the only crime in a war is to lose."
While some people think that Barnes isn't nearly as celebrated as he should be, he feels
grateful for having a steady career doing what he loves.
He told InStyle in 2019:
"I have so many friends who are so talented who don't have jobs at all, so comparatively,
I feel supremely recognized, you know?"
Will Poulter had only a few roles under his belt when he landed the part of Eustace Scrubb
in 2010's The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.
After starring in his one and only Chronicles of Narnia film, however, the actor moved on
to gain recognition in films like We're the Millers, The Revenant, the Maze Runner series,
and Midsommar.
He also starred as Colin in Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.
Poulter is a talented actor, but he told The Guardian that he is also hyper-aware of his
privilege and how it has helped him with his career.
The actor is hopeful that he will be able to use that privilege to create, quote, "a
more equitable society."
He said:
"I'm keen to develop as an activist and involve myself in charities and organizations.
And with my acting, it's important that the projects I do have a sociopolitical impact.
I try to be conscious about the message.
As a white, straight, middle-class male, I'm aware of things I take for granted."
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The Kids From The Narnia Movies Grew Up To Be Gorgeous

40 Folder Collection
Nina published on February 10, 2020
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