B2 High-Intermediate 25 Folder Collection
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Reshep: The EXOFRAMES, the aliens provide us with
have given us a different kind of alternative.
It is important that we are free to
choose our technology and how to use it.
Technology is ideology.
Loewner: Not just the armies of the world,
but terrorists and PMCs
on every conceivable battlefield someone is teaching...
EXOFRAME operation tactics.
Miyajima: The Pakistani Mountain Warfare Unit's
abnormal operation proficiency.
The speed of diffusion in guerrilla and militia groups.
Bowman: Someone is trying to
change the form of war with EXOFRAMES.
[Nation-wide conflict]
Miyajima: Someone is trying to change [Ending theme:]
the world by spreading the flames of war.
Fernando: You mean those skull guys?
[Breakthrough at Area 51]
Loewner: And? What did you discover?
Michelle: A little about the GEL-system.
[Marines getting down to the nitty-gritty]
Loewner: Without a doubt Azania's Raila Reshep is behind it.
Bowman: The only ones watching out for that is us marines.
[Finally, the story unfolds]
Bowman: That's why
we must have the equipment to take on those guys.
[Episode 7 to 12 will be presented in winter 2020]
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25 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 10, 2020
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