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I used to live my life a quarter mile at a time…
but things changed.
I'm a father now.
I will always be in your heart.
Little Brian, I have a gift for you.
Your daddy gave me this.
Now I'm going to give it to you. It's very special.
It's for protection…
from what's coming.
Alright Dom, what's next?
No matter how fast you are...
no one out runs their past.
And mine...
just caught up to me.
Been a long time Dom.
So we're up against a master thief.
High performance driver.
Who is he?
Jakob is...
Dom's brother.
Your whole life you pushed yourself
to be faster than Dom...
smarter than Dom...
stronger than Dom...
but could you kill him?
Because I'm ready if you are.
There is nothing more powerful than the love of family.
You turn that into anger and there's nothing more dangerous.
Maybe this is the end, but we're gonna go out together.
You know I'd ride to the death with you.
Let's get to work.
Please tell that's not a Pontiac Fiero,
strapped to a rocket engine.
Impressive, I know.
No, no that's - that's not impressive.
My ass is en fuego.
I came here to take you down,
little brother.
That's your mistake.
This is my world.
Damn, they got a magnet plane?
Hold on.
Tell me you're not thinking what I think you're thinking.
There's no bridge!
Oh hell nah.
Hey guys.
Nice club house.
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F9 - Official Trailer [HD]

146 Folder Collection
music000302 published on February 8, 2020
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