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  • - [Narrator] When you think of snacks

  • at a ballgame, you think hot dogs,

  • Cracker Jacks, peanuts, pretzels,

  • and, of course, grasshoppers.

  • Okay, maybe you don't, but the

  • Seattle Mariners and their fans sure do.

  • (playful music)

  • So, how did this crunchy critter

  • get a spot next to your everyday

  • concession snacks at Safeco field?

  • It all starts at this restaurant with this guy.

  • - My name's Manny Arce.

  • I'm the executive chef here at Poquito's.

  • The grasshoppers are grasshoppers.

  • You know, they're a delicacy, but they're also a snack.

  • I put them on the menu here as a novelty

  • when we opened, and we kind of just, it's been on the menu

  • for almost six and a half years.

  • I describe them, crunchy like a sunflower seed,

  • um, salty, a little bit spicy.

  • Uh, every once in a while, you get one

  • that's a little squishier than you'd like.

  • We just toast them and then we put salt

  • and some lime and some chili on them.

  • That's about all that we do to them.

  • - [Narrator] It's one thing to see

  • restaurant success, but Manny's grasshoppers

  • became the highlight of going to Mariners' games.

  • - [Manny] When Mariners were saying that

  • we'd be a fit for them, I sent some out.

  • - [Narrator] The response was unreal.

  • As in 300,000 plus grasshoppers sold.

  • - [Manny] We were selling out, you know, before even the first inning,

  • and I started off with 50 pounds,

  • thinking like, oh, this'll last us, you know, a month or two.

  • It lasted us one day.

  • To date, we've probably gone through

  • about a thousand pounds.

  • People want more than, you know, hot dogs and popcorn,

  • and nobody else had been doing it at the stadium,

  • so it's kind of one of these things

  • that I think people just really latched onto

  • and the popularity far exceeded my expectations.

- [Narrator] When you think of snacks

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Whats Baseball Without a Side of Grasshoppers?

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