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(upbeat music)
- Well hello there fellow home lovers
I've got a very fun and creative home
for you today in Belgrave.
I am not gonna keep you waiting,
because let's face it we
always want to get inside and
have a sneaky peak,
and see how these people live.
So let's go do it!
(upbeat music)
Hello tree house!
Look at that view!
(upbeat music)
There are so many gorgeous plants in here.
Look at this fiddle and that rubber tree as well.
And speaking of greenery,
would you take a look at these gardens!
(upbeat music)
The furniture here is really cool.
A few op shop finds I'm vibing.
I love the colour, especially this emerald green couch.
Fun filled shelves!
I love a good full shelf!
It's so cool.
Aha, and plant paraphernalia continues.
How cool is that Monstera mobile?
Fun little office space here.
Kitchen dining.
Aw, such a fun kitchen. I love this.
I love the colour in here. That pink is really cool.
It's not like a girly pink, it's like a nice dusty pink,
which looks really nice with that dark teal blue cabinetry.
And just look at these muggings.
Look at how beautiful these mugs are. Vessels.
Oh my gosh and what do we-
Yep, thought so, cup of tea.
All right, let's put the kettle on.
(upbeat music)
So, we'll wait for that.
Let's go check out the rest of the house.
Look at this big living area.
How cool is that sloped ceiling
with those exposed timber beams?
Massive couch, awesome balcony
and roaring fire.
How good is that?
(upbeat music)
Little bit of kindling in.
Very crazy, I love this room.
This is a fun checkerboard floor.
Again, we've got a cute little plant corner happening here.
Shall we go outside?
(upbeat music)
Oh my gosh, you guys are so cool!
(upbeat music)
How's that?
Don't even have to go to the shops.
(upbeat music)
Thanks chickens!
(clucks like chicken)
Look at this guy!
Oh my gosh!
He is one cool dude.
(upbeat music)
I'll put these in the kitchen.
(upbeat music)
Kettle's just boiled, we'll come back, but should
we go upstairs first?
(upbeat music)
Left or right? Left or right?
So many gorgeous plants! Trinkets everywhere and ugh
How cool is this kid's room?
(upbeat music)
This belongs to Raffman. I love that.
He gets to look out onto the chickens.
And how fun and simple is that triangle
painted on the wall?
(upbeat music)
We got more kid's territory.
(upbeat music)
This is Ada's room.
Again, looking out onto the chickens, you've got
the beautiful sloped ceilings.
Ada is a very lucky girl.
(upbeat music)
All right, master time.
How nice is this?
Very peaceful, very calm and serene.
Gorgeous handmade bed and then again, plants everywhere.
I love it!
You've got an ensuite through here.
You've got a walk in robe as well.
(upbeat music)
You've got guest toilet.
(upbeat music)
And then up here, come on,
(upbeat music)
you've got a master bathroom
and yes, it's filled with plants!
I love it, I love it, it's so- I don't know-
Plants just make everything feel better, don't they?
(upbeat music)
All right, let's check on that tea.
(upbeat music)
Oh my gosh, which vessel am I going to use?
This one or this? You know what, I love this button.
Let's choose this one.
So nice.
(upbeat music)
Let's go take a seat.
(upbeat music)
This home is chock full of personality.
There is so much to love about this home.
Not only is the location itself absolutely breathtaking,
I mean you're literally living amongst the trees here.
We've heard kookaburra's, we've seen parrots,
we've got chickens out the back.
This location is just amazing, but aside from
that this home. Oh my gosh.
Personality everywhere.
There's artwork in every single corner.
Every single space you look there's a beautiful
ceramic or trinket.
There's plants everywhere you go and I love indoor plants.
I'm a massive fan of plants.
To be honest with you, plants just make everything
look ten times better.
I don't know how many plants there are in this home,
but there's a hell-of-a-lot of them.
The owner is a self-proclaimed plant tragic.
There ain't nothing tragic about indoor plants, by the way.
But, I love that she's got this many plants in her home.
She just says that she loves all the different shapes and
all the different personalities that come from
all these plants and they just make her happy and
do you know what?
I'm down with that.
The plants really do make this home.
I mean, they really are in every different nook and cranny
that you can see.
There's different ones.
There's hanging plants,
there's terrariums, there's plants even in the mobiles.
There's plants everywhere.
There's different sizes, there's different heights and
to be honest with you, when you're styling your home,
plants are a really great styling tool because
they can pretty much make any space look good.
You can tell that the owners really love handmade pieces.
There are so many incredible pieces in this home.
The handmade ceramics, there's also some handmade
furniture pieces as well.
The dining table, the desk, the shelves in the kitchen,
the bed, the desk in the kid's rooms.
I mean, there are so many pieces that have been handmade
by either the owners or friends and they've also
picked up a lot of really cool op shop finds as well and
they've paired that with some really affordable furniture,
which looks great.
The owners here, I mean they are creatives
and you can just tell they've got a
really good eye for detail.
They know colour, they know what will work and
they've just combined the most amazing tones and also
this couch that I'm sitting on is beautiful.
This emerald green.
But we've got to talk about the colour in that kitchen.
Oh my god!
That dusty pink.
I didn't think I'd be that obsessed with pink tiles,
but they are just so nice.
They've got that really gorgeous charcoal grout.
They were all hand done by the owners as well.
There's a lot of love and a lot of work that's
gone into making this home beautiful.
They contrast beautifully with that blue dark teal cabinetry
and there's that nice splash of white and gold.
It works really well.
It modernises the space, but it still ties into
that fun, colourful art vibe that we got going
on through here.
There are so many open spaces here and there's so much light
coming in from those beautiful windows,
but at the same time it doesn't feel too big,
it's very cosy and especially that
back living area as well, with that fire place.
It's a really beautiful cosy area to be and I think
probably one of the nicest rooms in the home.
But I gotta say, that kitchen space that is truly
something special.
It really does feel like the heart of the home.
The sloped ceilings are amazing!
So this home itself was an original home from like
70's or 80's.
The owners didn't have to do that much to it, other
than just a few cosmetic changes and just painting
a few areas and mainly just fixing up that kitchen,
but the bones of this building are just spectacular.
Those exposed timber beams, they are awesome.
I love them. They really set the tone.
The house is on a slope, so it does have these really
nice slopes, different levels and layers.
It's really nice actual perspective when you're
up on the upper level where the bedrooms are
looking down over that living area, it's all so connected.
It feels just so friendly and warm.
It's such a happy family home.
It's pretty rare to get like a good-sized garden in
Melbourne, but I mean, this has got more than that.
Not only do you have a garden out the back, but you
just got that wood pile, the chicken coop and there's
even a veggie patch down the front.
There's so much space.
I can't even imagine what it would be like being a kid
growing up here.
It's so incredibly beautiful.
Literally everywhere you turn in this home there's
something to take a photo of.
I've literally gone around and Instragrammed
this entire place.
Every single corner, vignette, there's some really nice
styled pieces and you can just tell again the owner
has a beautiful eye for detail.
Everything just seems to have a story.
I mean, look at this beautiful mug that I'm drinking out of.
I mean, just the mugs alone make drinking tea a
beautiful experience and that's what this home is,
it's a true experience.
This home is just 100% genuine, it's filled with personality
and is a true reflection of the
creative people that live here.
(upbeat music)
Hey guys, if you enjoyed this home tour,
please let us know.
Like it. Comment. Or subscribe to our channel.
Or do all three. We'll catch you next time.
(upbeat music)
(chops wood)
They call me axe lady.
David Foster, eat your heart out.
(upbeat music)
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Plant Filled Creative Tree House In The Hills! | Let Us In Home Tour S01E17

41 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on February 7, 2020
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