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Do you want to learn English with an inspiring movie?
Let's do today with Will Smith in the pursuit of happiness
All right so I want you to pay special attention to the formal language used in today's scene
because it's really fantastic for preparing for a job interview in English
and you're also going to get tons of examples of American pronunciation and connected speech.
By the way, do you want to be able to understand it is at any speed
without getting lost,
without missing the jokes,
and without subtitles?
Well, then be sure to hit that
that little red subscribe button
and the bell below
so that we can help you do it
Now let's learn English with Will Smith.
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Do you love learning English with movies?
Well, we made a playlist with all of our lessons teaching you English with movies
You can watch that after you finish this lesson by clicking up here or down in the description below.
Alright, I hope you had a lot of fun with today's lesson.
Go check out the movie, it's really inspiring. I think that you'll really love it.
Also, be sure to hit subscribe so you know
when we put out new lessons like this one with movies,
TV series, songs or other fun things that you love.
Also, be sure to check out that mini course
I told you about.
Watch this other lesson teaching you with Will Smith.
And this other lesson I think you'll really like.
Now, it's time to go beyond the classroom
and live your English. Aww yeah!
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Learn English With Movies Will Smith

138 Folder Collection
RYAN published on February 7, 2020
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