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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Proverbs 175. The proverb today is honesty is
the best policy. Okay. Let's take a look at the note here. The proper basically
means it is usually best to tell the truth. Simply put, that's really what it
means. It stresses the idea that even though honesty is sometimes difficult in
certain situations, in the long run it usually produces the best results. So
that's the idea. That's the real idea behind it. Lies can start to have a life of
their own. You know, maybe you get lucky. Maybe you just tell a lie and that's it. It's
over, but on the other hand. Sometimes, sometimes more lies must be told to
cover previous lies and it could become a vicious cycle. And you never get any
rest. And you might eventually get caught in your lies. Once a person is considered
a liar, one can lose all credibility and then people may not even trust you when
you are telling the truth. So that's why they often say honesty is the best
policy. Or at least in most cases. Or if it's serious enough or if you really
don't have to lie, try to avoid lying. I guess that's the idea. All right. Let's
continue here though. However there is another side. On a daily basis people
often tell white lies. Now remember a white lie is a lie that's considered to
be less serious but also one that you tell simply so that you don't hurt
someone's feelings.So simply to be polite or not hurt the feelings of
others. If anyone had ever seen the old movie "Liar Liar " with Jim Carrey. You
can see many circumstances or many situations where white lies can make
life easier. You may not realize how many times, how many times a day you might actually
be telling some white lies. And you know not think anything that serious about it.
In, in the plot , his son wishes his father could never lie again because his father
disappointed him many times. He didn't show up for many dates and he had
a birthday and he made a wish and he wished that his father could never lie
again. And supposedly in the movie it comes true. And the father is unable to lie and
then you see all the situations that could happen on a daily basis where
sometimes you almost need to lie. You know, I don't know I guess there's a
woman who had a crazy hairdo and she asked them what do you think ? And he has to go
like "Oh it's special " Or you know he has to ... he has to find some way to get around it.
Or you know, I think there was a scene where he's, he's sleeping with one
of his superiors at the ... you know, at the law firm. It was a woman and she says oh well
how was it for you ? And he, he just came out wiht " I've had better. "
Yeah. Of course, she got really insulted by that. But you know, he he couldn't even
believe that came out of his mouth because he couldn't lie at that point. So
yeah, it was a lot of funny scenes in that movie. I think it was one time where
the teacher had asked the son, yeah what does your father do for a living ? And the
son says well he's a liar. And she says oh you mean a lawyer don't you ? No. and
he's like ( shrugging one's shoulders) that. Like what's the difference ? They lie all the time. So but
you know, in a serious manner that we... people probably do tell a lot of minor
lies. These are probably not the ones that they're talking about. But the more
serious lies or if you can avoid lies you know, it's probably always best to do
it because in the long term it may have the best results. Well let's continue
here. The proverb is often credited to Ben Franklin because it is included in
his writings. I think it's in I think it's in one of his books of Proverbs as
well so that's why they often give him credit for it. However the earliest
citing predates Franklin The first appearance of this proverb was stated by
Sir Edward Sandy's, an English politician. You know I think it was almost like
about a hundred years before Franklin was around. So he may have been the first
one to actually say it. Okay. Let's just give a couple of examples here. Example
number one. Don't some convoluted lie you know, a lot of
you know a lot of details and this deep story to excuse your behavior . Just be
honest with him. honesty is the best policy. So this is a
way that somebody may use it. Or number two here. You should have known better
than to let yourself get caught in a web of lies. Well that's a little bit like we
talked about before because sometimes you have to tell lies to cover the other
lies to cover the other lies. sometimes it gets hard to remember the
lies . Remember I think I covered a video of Mark Twain talking about. It's easier
to tell the truth simply because then then, then it's it's not so complicated.
You don't have to remember all the lies. Okay. Honesty is the best policy.
Okay. Anyway, I hope you got it. I hope it was clear. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.
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English Tutor Nick P Proverbs (175) Honesty is the Best Policy

40 Folder Collection
anitawu12 published on February 6, 2020
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