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  • Hi, everybody, from the Cape May County Library Teen Department. Our favorite

  • game to play is called the Werewolves of Miller's Hollow. And the problem is you

  • need a lot of people to play, so we want to explain how it goes so you can join

  • us the next time we have a game.

  • So this is the village of Miller's Hollow but we

  • seem to be having a werewolf problem. \-Every night the werewolf kills someone

  • secretly and the next morning we have to figure out who it was. Every morning when

  • we figure out who it was, or try to, we eliminate one person from the game. The

  • object of the game is to eliminate the werewolf before the werewolf is able to

  • kill all the villagers.

  • So our Storyteller is in charge of the whole game: they put the village to sleep

  • at night, they tell the different cards when they can use their powers, and then

  • they wake the village up and explain who died in the night.

  • This is the werewolf. Every night the werewolf chooses a victim in secret.

  • This is the villager card. The villager card is a person that

  • lives in the village and he or she doesn't really have any power, but they

  • wake up every day and get to vote someone out.

  • Everyone, go to sleep.

  • Everyone, wake up.

  • I'm sorry, you have died on the first night.

  • (Noooooooooo)

  • Who votes against-

  • Ooooo, spicy!

  • I'm sorry, Jeff, but you have died.

  • (indistinguishable, sped-up debating voices)

  • Time for the vote! Who votes here? Who votes? Who votes? Three.

  • This is the Hunter card. This can be used when the Hunter

  • gets killed he gets to eliminate one of the other players from the game. And hopefully a werewolf!

  • This is the Witch. The Witch has two potions: one can save a life, the other

  • will end it. Muahahahahahaha!

  • This is the Cupid card. And on the first night he matches two

  • people up to fall in love and if one dies the other dies.

  • This is the Little Girl card. She can peek at night.

  • We have three tips for playing the game.

  • One: have a lot of people. Two: don't make too much noise or they'll figure out who

  • the werewolf is three don't pick the same person every time because that gets

  • boring.

Hi, everybody, from the Cape May County Library Teen Department. Our favorite

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