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Do you love Mario Kart?
Is it your dream to drive around in a big city
in a go-kart like this, dressed up as Mario?
Good news, Maricar in Tokyo has got you covered.
Let's drive!
Maricar is one of the coolest experiences in Tokyo.
Once you've dressed up as your favourite video game character
and gone through the safety briefing, you'll hit the streets
of Tokyo in a supercharged go-kart.
You can pick from various tracks of different lengths
that will show you different parts of Tokyo.
You'll speed past Roppongi, Tokyo Tower,
and the famous Shibuya crossing as locals wave
and grab selfies with you whenever
you have a chance to slow down.
- Konichiwa Shibuya!
- Look, there aren't any green shells or banana peels,
but if you're a big fan of Mario Kart this is the closest
you'll get to experiencing a real life version of the game
and what better place to do it
than in the biggest city in the world.
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Real Life Mario Kart. The Best Thing To Do in Tokyo!

161 Folder Collection
Courtney Shih published on February 6, 2020
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