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Could this be the cutest cafe in the world?
Miss Bunny is an incredibly kawaii (cute)
cafe in Tokyo's Roppongi district.
The cafe has several super cute
baby bunnies for you to play with.
In the cafe, you can chose to meet one of the many bunnies.
The bunny will sit on your lap, ready to play and be petted.
If you really want to become best friends,
you can even buy some snacks to feed the bunnies.
They love it and it looks super cute.
The great thing about Miss Bunny is
that every bunny is up for adoption,
so if you really fall in love, you can take your bunny home.
This also means that no bunnies
stay in the cafe for too long.
They all find a new loving home soon.
If bunnies are too chill for you,
you can meet one of the hyperactive chinchillas.
They are just as cute as the rabbits
but they love to jump, climb and play.
Just keep an eye on them because
they'll run away in a flash.
The bunny cafe does get busy so be sure
to book in your slot early so you don't miss out
on the most kawaii experience of your life.
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Super Cute Bunny Cafe In Tokyo!

120 Folder Collection
Courtney Shih published on February 5, 2020
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