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You've seen owl cafes and bunny cafes
but it's about to get even more kawaii
with Tokyo's hedgehog cafe.
This cafe in Tokyo is all about cute hedgehogs.
It might not seem like an obvious choice
but hedgehogs are popular in Japan as pets.
In the cafe, you can become best buddies with a hedgehog
as you feed it and hang out with it.
Hedgehogs do generally sleep a lot
so don't be surprised
if your buddy just decides to have a nap
in the palm of your hand.
They love the warmth.
If you're gentle, you don't have to worry about the spikes.
The hedgehogs are super friendly and love to hang out.
Well, at least some of them do.
No, don't eat.
The cool thing about this cafe
is that the hedgehogs are all up for adoption.
So if you really bond with your hedgehog
you can take it home with you.
This also ensure that no hedgehog
stays in the cafe for too long.
They all find a nice home.
The hedgehog cafe does get super busy
so be sure to book online
so you won't miss out on meeting your new hedgehog buddy.
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Cutest Hedgehog Cafe In Tokyo!

58 Folder Collection
Courtney Shih published on February 5, 2020
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