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Get ready for lots of cute deer!
Nara Park is located in Nara City in Japan, which is about an hour away from both Osaka and Kyoto.
The park is famous for its many free-roaming deer.
When you come to the park, you won't be looking far to find the deer.
They'll probably find you before you find them.
There are over 1,200 deer, which are all incredibly cute.
They are literally everywhere you look.
Besides trying to pet the deer, you can buy some crackers to feed them.
Once you get the crackers, the deer won't be able to resist you.
And some will even try to jump you to get to the snacks.
Be sure to take out your camera because the deer love taking selfies with you.
Or maybe, it's just the food.
Like many animals in Japan, there is more to the deer than just being cute.
They are considered sacred, because in old mythology, they were the messengers of the gods.
So, if you want to spend a day in the park and be chased around by deer, Nara Park is the place to be.
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Nara Park: The Best Deer Park In The World

226 Folder Collection
Courtney Shih published on February 5, 2020
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