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  • Japanese street of the day

  • Hi pineapples

  • ohh

  • Good morning Latte, today's the day. Today's the day that the Sakura Frappuccino comes out

  • and the Sakura Latte as well

  • You're a Latte so you must have opinions on this right?

  • Right Latte?

  • Yeah? No?

  • Oh hi, h-hi

  • How do you feel about it? Yeah? Yeah, you're into it. I think he wants to attack the camera. Bye. Okay. See you

  • Bye bye

  • Oh okay, I see

  • Yep gotcha

  • Today's the day Cinnamon

  • Today's the day that Starbucks releases their Sakura stuff super early before the blossoms are even out

  • Isn't that interesting

  • Nope you're just a sleepy boy

  • Duncan cam

  • not focusing

  • (Focus...) Although Mimei got me these lovely Star Wars chocolates for Valentine's Day

  • my back tooth has been hurting real bad, and I think I've got a cavity so I'm going to the dentist today

  • and it won't be able to eat these yet, and I'm really sad

  • Today is the start of Sakura season, but not actually, just at Starbucks and they came out with a pink strawberry

  • Sakura mochi Frappuccino, I think I'm getting that name a little bit mixed up, but this is what it is

  • And it looks pretty incredible

  • The most important thing of course is is it delicious?

  • Okay, it's incredibly sweet. I can definitely taste the mochi

  • Oh, man, it tastes like all my like best dreams

  • Hmm

  • Oh my gosh, this is the first time I've really loved the Sakura drink

  • I'm not usually like the number one fan of them, but this is so good

  • Oh my god

  • If you're in Japan try it! I'm trying to be better at reviewing drinks, so I'm trying to explain the texture

  • It's like it's like little bits of chocolate mixed in with tiny little bits of the mochi, and it's it's just really nice

  • It's very it's very dessert kind of drink style like most frappuccinos are but It's really delicious

  • mmm

  • It's kind of like crunchy and smooth at the same time

  • I don't know if I'm making any sense I'm such a bad food reviewer, but it's so good

  • Duncan bought me this beautiful flower because he said it reminded him of me

  • I'm not sure how they get a flower to be this color though. It must be some kind of dye right?

  • D: Do you think they use that, what's that-

  • Food coloring? I don't know...

  • But I bet someone in the comments knows

  • D: Yeah I thought it was fake when I first saw it

  • So it looks fake, but it's a real flower. It even smells like a flower

Japanese street of the day

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