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Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.
Go to Google and look up the history, what the hell!
Hey, you're sweating a lot over here.
I am sweating.
Hi mom.
Hi daughter.
We're about to go into my search history so Adam can see things about me that he might not know.
I'm gonna take this opportunity and I'm just gonna go with it.
Read anything, I don't care.
Um, this is not that exciting, dad, you Google some pretty weird shit here.
Hair salons near me.
Elbow clicks when I benchpress.
When you get to a certain age, your joints start to click.
It's just normal for people my age.
How to keep calm.
Map of USA.
Are you running away?
Yes, I'm trying.
Take me with you!
I'm looking at... I see a handbag!
Oh, that.
Wow, a $2,000 handbag.
But, we're just looking at it, we weren't doing anything with it.
Cute though, right?
And red.
You were watching some Netflix?
Were you chilling?
I was, yeah.
Sex hair for you?
Sexy hairstyles to impress your husband.
How long can a cat last in a 90 degree house?
I was workin' on a new look.
I'm workin' on a new look.
Oh my God!
Roland, I'm workin' on a new look honey, hello.
Have you... oh my God!
Our AC went out during the 114 degree heat wave.
Just the way you worded it was so...
And I was really worried that the cat might not survive.
It says "how long can it last".
Well, how long can a cat last?
Anything else you'd like to know?
Great, great.
I wanted to know!
I wanted to know, I wanted to know.
Don't judge me.
I mean, you'd better be glad I am still sexy, hello!
Just as I suspected, your search history is just as boring as you are.
I'm boring, I'm a nerd, what do you want from me?
Get the best body of your life.
New $1 trial for thirty Days.
Oh look, there's a body builder.
Let's get fit together.
Weed clinics?
Wait, what is this?
Wait, what?
Weed maps?
Oh, wow.
Oh my god!
Wow, wow, wow, wow.
Wait, first of all...
And you were just getting on me.
First of all... let me explain!
You were at weed maps?
Oh my god.
How to murder your wife, it has nothing to do...
It's called "how to murder your wife"?!
It has noth... it's with Jack Lemmon.
What are you watching!
Jack Lemmon stars in this movie.
How To Murder Your Wife is what you're watching?
Does mom know about this? - Okay, okay, okay.
I didn't even download that on purpose.
It's not a download, you searched it.
Like, you literally typed in 'weedmaps.com'
I heard it was a new thing,
I was just trying to figure it out.
It's a great movie, have you ever seen it?
No, what are you--
It's a movie, How To Murder Your Wife, it's a comedy.
I didn't even search that, my friend searched it,
you remember Kim from, you know, over there--
when we--
my friend Kim?
That was Kim.
She Googled my stuff.
I deleted it of course because I didn't want you
to get in my phone, - Mm.
I didn't want nobody to see it.
Have you even ever smoked weed before?
You don't have to say all that, okay,
in front of these people.
My mother's still my mother.
Yes, always.
The search history was fun.
Luckily that that's over, it'll never happen again,
you will not be getting my phone.
I love him.
I love her.
Yes, he's amazing.
I don't really need Google cause I have him.
- I don't really need a history book cause I have him.
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Kids Read Parents' Search Histories

98 Folder Collection
Seraya published on February 4, 2020    Jade Weng translated    Evangeline reviewed
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