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Okay, guys.
The new coworker starts today.
I gotta warn you, she's got really long hair.
I mean, like, scary long.
Oh, brother!
And then we just kiss.
Grant, no.
It doesn't even make sense for us to kiss.
I'm subverting the genre.
That's why it's funny.
This seems like another pitch that's just an excuse to make out with us.
No, no, HR talked to me.
I'm over that.
No, this is just a silly idea.
Okay, well, what else you got?
Okay, this one is a parody of an old Western movie.
Help, help!
Oh, won't somebody help?
No one can save you!
Now, let's have a final kiss before your demise!
God damn it, Grant, that's the same thing!
And the villain and the dame don't even kiss in those movies.
I'm subverting the genre, that's why it's funny.
Oh, yes, I like that!
Don't encourage him!
I think it's funny!
Grant, do you have any ideas that don't involve kissing?
This is a topical sketch, I'm not even in it.
- Perfect, awesome. - That's great.
Kellyanne, the failing New York Times is attacking me again.
It's sad!
I blame Hilary Clinton.
You're right.
What do you think, Grant O'Brien?
You're so smart.
Move on her like a bitch.
I do have a cameo.
Here's one where it's impossible for me to kiss.
Man, how are you gonna eat lunch without a mouth?
As a reward for your charity work and handsomeness, I grant you two mouths.
Good pitch, Katie!
That doesn't even make sense!
How about--
I'm just not that hungry.
Come on, please?
It'll mean a lot of me if you tried a slice.
Grant, we made that years ago.
Yes, but this time--
Whether you like it or not is actually what I'm most curious about.
Right, of course.
I know.
Grant, these are all terrible ideas, and you're wasting our time.
So we'll make the same, lame observational stuff we always do, is that what you want?
Nothing exciting, nothing daring, no risks, just a bunch of boring clickbait.
Okay, well, except for that, pretty good meeting, guys.
Shall we?
Hey, it's Grant, from CollegeHumor.
Click here to subscribe to the channel, click here for more fun stuff.
Sorry, guys, it feels like I'm out.
Am I out?
'Cause I can, like, see the top of the camera, so it's, is this better?
Alright, it feels worse.
Okay, thanks for watching!
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Stop Trying To Make Us Kiss

65 Folder Collection
Mackenzie published on February 4, 2020
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