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  • Embark on an adventure that'll keep you moving.

  • Ring Fit Adventure.

  • (Gearing up for your adventure)

  • This is the Ring-Con accessory, and the Leg Strap accessory.

  • Insert a Joy-Con controller into each accessory, and secure the Leg Strap around your left thigh.

  • Hold the Ring-Con firmly in both hands, and you're good to go!

  • You'll use the Ring-Con by pressing, pulling, and moving it all around.

  • These will be your trusty tools throughout the adventure.

  • Ring Fit Adventure is a fun experience no matter your fitness level.

  • You can change the exercise intensity to suit your ability.

  • (Adventure)

  • The adventure begins when a wicked, bodybuilding dragon named Dragaux throws the world into chaos.

  • The world needs your help, and there's a lot of it to save.

  • To move forward, simply jog in place.

  • You can go slowly or quickly, just keep moving at your own pace.

  • Press in on the Ring-Con to create a blast of air in the game.

  • If you aim it downwards, you can jump over obstacles!

  • You can do knee-lifts to climb up stairs, and you'll also paddle board up rivers, flap through the sky, or roll ahead on surprising contraptions.

  • Along the way, curious enemies will challenge you to Fit Battles.

  • You and the enemy will take turns attacking.

  • When it's your turn, you'll use exercise-based attacks called Fit Skills.

  • There are over 40 different Fit Skills to earn across four categories.

  • Red skills target your arms, yellow skills focus on your core, blue skills will work your legs, and green skills are for Yoga moves.

  • If you match the color of your Fit Skill with that of the enemy, your attacks will do extra damage!

  • When it's the enemy's turn to attack, you'll focus on defense.

  • Press the Ring-Con against your abs to create a shield.

  • The harder you press, the lower the damage will be.

  • Whether you're attacking or defending, you control the in-game actions with your body movement.

  • Taking your time and putting in the effort is the key to victory.

  • Defeating enemies and completing courses will earn you experience and help you level up your in-game character.

  • This will improve your stats, and may unlock new Fit Skills.

  • You can also earn skill points during your adventure and use them to obtain even more Fit Skills.

  • Strengthen your character to take on more powerful enemies.

  • Items like coins and ingredients will be hidden throughout each course.

  • Those ingredients can be mixed and matched to make in-game smoothies!

  • Each recipe will have a different effect during battle, like restoring health or boosting your abilities.

  • Each new area will have its own town, with people to meet and things to do.

  • You can redeem in-game currency for new outfits at shops.

  • Listen to villagers' requests, and try to fulfill them on missions.

  • If you finish them, you can earn rewards such as items and in-game currency.

  • This adventure will be quite a journey.

  • If you play an average of thirty minutes per day, it may span several months.

  • Making progress in your adventure every day could become a fun way to enjoy regular exercise.

  • Need a break?

  • Then try Quick Play, which offers up short bursts of exercise, whether you're alone or taking turns in a group.

  • Simple Mode is designed to train specific areas of the body.

  • Here, you'll try to do the specified move as many times as possible within 20 seconds.

  • It may look easy, but that last five seconds is going to be a real challenge.

  • Next, a mode where you'll aim for the high score: Minigames!

  • Run.

  • Climb.

  • Fly through the air.

  • Bust any and every crate!

  • Or squeeze in some pottery.

  • There are lots of games to choose from, and lots of different ways to move your body.

  • Each one is a great way to get a fun, full-body exercise.

  • You can also take on more traditional exercises in Sets!

  • Basically, you'll choose sets of exercises themed around certain muscle groups, like shoulders or lower body.

  • There's also Custom, which lets you create your own workouts by choosing from various exercises included in the game.

  • These modes are best in short bursts, so you can pass the Ring-Con around and take turns to compete with friends and family, or try to beat your own high scores.

  • There are many ways to play!

  • If you connect to the internet, you can even compare scores with friends and other players from around the world.

  • You can adjust the exercise intensity to suit your skill level, so every player can enjoy the experience no matter where they are in their fitness journey.

  • While performing any physical activity, the player can watch on-screen guidance demonstrating proper form.

  • At the end of each exercise, you can track your performance with some estimated stats like calories burned and pulse rate.

  • This will help you make sure you're hitting your goals.

  • Worried you'll make too much noise?

  • Try Silent Mode!

  • This mode will swap jogging in place with lighter knee bends.

  • This way, you can keep your legs active without heavy impacts.

  • Exercise at any time with Multitask Mode.

  • You can use the Ring-Con accessory to train off-screen.

  • The game will track each press of the Ring-Con.

  • The extra effort will earn you bonus experience to aid in your adventure once reconnected with the game!

  • Fitness for everyone, and adventures that keep you moving!

  • Ring Fit Adventure.

  • Ring Fit Adventure includes the Ring-Con, Leg Strap, and game.

  • A Nintendo Switch system with detachable Joy-Con controllers is required to play this game.

Embark on an adventure that'll keep you moving.

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