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DONGHAE: I can do this. Here.
(members exclaiming)
DONGHAE: Now, I'll press play. MAX: Okay.
The volume...
(video being played)
MAX: Ah, SHINDONG. I miss him. Altogether: Aww.
DONGHAE: We filmed that. LEETEUK: It's the beginning.
(members laughing)
EUNHYUK: That's great. U-KNOW: That's great.
MAX: Oh, they finished recording it.
EUNHYUK: MAX, I liked the lyrics. MAX: Oh, thank you.
DONGHAE: MAX was really... EUNHYUK: His lyrics...
EUNHYUK: have a nice ring to them.
LEETEUK: What in the world is that vibe? MAX: Thank you.
LEETEUK: Would you go back if you're told to?
EUNHYUK: I would. I can go again with these same members.
MAX: (laughing) Aww, he looks cute.
DONGHAE: What is that? LEETEUK: Paragliding.
LEETEUK: Oh, this is nice. U-KNOW: This is pretty.
U-KNOW: SHINDONG... MAX: This is pretty.
(exclaiming) DONGHAE: He looks like a prince.
(EUNHYUK exclaiming) LEETEUK: That was his concept.
(booing playfully)
EUNHYUK: That's a little cheesy.
U-KNOW: I wonder how this came out.
MAX: Ah, nice editing.
EUNHYUK: Wow, this is cool. (members exclaiming)
EUNHYUK: It's like a horror movie. It was like "Whispering Corridors."
EUNHYUK: This is passionate U-KNOW. DONGHAE: Didn't he fall?
LEETEUK: Pictures and videos are the best souvenirs.
MAX: Yes. DONGHAE: Ah, it's so pretty.
LEETEUK: That day was a really tough one. MAX: Right.
MAX: We said we blew the trip. LEETEUK: Right, that we blew the trip.
EUNHYUK: It's the difficult moments that make it memorable.
(U-KNOW laughing)
(MAX laughing) U-KNOW: Our bookkeeper.
EUNHYUK: Wow, that's cool. DONGHAE: Oh, it's pretty.
MAX: Wow, paragliding. LEETEUK: It's sad I didn't get to try it.
EUNHYUK: U-KNOW was really scared of paragliding.
U-KNOW: What are you saying?
(DONGHAE singing along) EUNHYUK: Ah, that looks good.
LEETEUK: Those stairs were really steep.
MAX: That's right.
LEETEUK: We couldn't even sleep.
EUNHYUK: I wondered how these walking scenes would turn out.
EUNHYUK: We really got in the mood for it. U-KNOW: Right.
(laughing awkwardly)
EUNHYUK: Look at that. DONGHAE: What is that?
LEETEUK: It's the retro vibe. EUNHYUK: It's sentimental.
(members exclaiming) U-KNOW: It's nice.
LEETEUK: (laughing) What is that?
EUNHYUK: It was a backpacking tour. U-KNOW: Yes.
(members exclaiming) EUNHYUK: They used that scene with "Ha."
LEETEUK: DONGHAE, where's that guitar? DONGHAE: At home.
LEETEUK: At home? DONGHAE: Yes, it's at home.
(MAX laughing)
U-KNOW: Watching this is bringing back old memories.
DONGHAE: This was so fun.
EUNHYUK: It was more fun because we were in the rain.
LEETEUK: It was a tough trip, but they're all good memories now.
U-KNOW: Yes. LEETEUK: Right?
DONGHAE: Were we there for a week? LEETEUK: Yes, like five days?
(MAX exclaiming)
LEETEUK: How does it end? There must be something.
(members exclaiming)
EUNHYUK: That's great. (members exclaiming)
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U-KNOW: It's got good vibes.
LEETEUK: By the way, the last scene is so pretty.
MAX: It really is pretty.
EUNHYUK: I wish someone would make this for me every time I go traveling.
DONGHAE: Right, if they make it...
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AnalogTrip (아날로그 트립) | [미공개영상] 동방신기와 슈퍼주니어의 'Come a Little Closer' 뮤직비디오 리액션 영상

11 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 3, 2020
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