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and the death toll and the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in China
continues to rise by the day for the latest we connect to our Kim Jae Hee
who's standing by for us on the line Jay please fellas in China's National Health
Commission said on Friday the number of deaths in China has now reached 213 and
around 9700 cases have been confirmed in the country that's nearly 2,000 new
confirmed cases and 43 more deaths compared to the previous day out of the
total deaths 204 deaths came from the Hebei province and 159 were from Wuhan
the rise in the number of cases comes after the World Health Organization
declared the corona virus outbreak a public health emergency of international
concern the director general for the w-h-o said on Thursday during a news
conference in Geneva that the main reason for the declaration is not
because of what is happening in China but because of what is happening in
other countries for the virus to countries he also stressed that the
w-h-o continues to have confidence in China's capacity to control the outbreak
and that there is no need at this time for measures that interfere with travel
and trade the w-h-o declares international health emergencies for
only extraordinary events that cause health risks to other countries through
international spread and potentially require a coordinated international
response the declaration alerts whu-oh member countries to step up
precautionary measures such as screening travelers and monitoring international
trade this is the sixth time such an emergency has been declared by the w-h-o
an jae-hee more confirmed cases are being reported from people who have
never been to Wuhan tell us more about the situation in countries other than
China right more person to person spread is being reported in countries all over
the world the u.s. confirmed on Thursday its first incident of human-to-human
transmission the infected man in his 60s from Chicago is the husband of a woman
who had previously traveled to China and was confirmed as having the virus this
brings the total number of infected US patients to six France also reported at
six case on Thursday France was the first country in Europe to have
confirmed a coronavirus case that is all I have at this hour but I will be back
with more updates in our later newscasts back to you mark
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213 dead, 9,692 cases of coronavirus confirmed in China

91 Folder Collection
jimmyballacknego published on February 3, 2020
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