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Twelve things introverts are best at doing
There's somewhat of a negative stereotype around introverts. People say that they're too quiet to have fun or be social.
Well that is a blatant lie.
Just because introverts don't feel comfortable walking into a room full of strangers or making friends with everyone in a room
doesn't mean they don't like to be fun or social.
Introverts have some of the best personality traits. They just usually keep to themselves.
Here are just some of the things introverts are great at doing:
#1 having thought-provoking conversations
Introverts don't like small talk. The whole "how are you?" "can you believe this weather?" "did you see the game last night?"
Chitchat is worthless.
Due to their disdain for the idle chatter they're seen by most as unsociable and this is not the case
Introverts want to get straight down to the meat of things they want to hear your deepest thoughts, your desires and dreams
None of that "I'm fine. How are you?" talk
Introverts know that you have a story to tell and they want to hear it they want to know your opinions and
Questions and answers to questions that are infrequently spoken about because of their deep topics
Introverts have a therapist guidance counselor mentality and charisma
Causing us to make you feel more comfortable with speaking your mind and soul. This is good for everyone around
Introverts get the satisfaction of having a meaningful conversation with someone without having to feel the empty space which chitchat
And you get a part-time therapist someone who will really listen to you and your thoughts
#2 being effective salespeople
I know what you're thinking: What?? what in the world an introvert excels at a profession that requires constant visa vie interaction
Yes! introverts pay attention care and are comfortable in familiar situations
so they can be confident in their daily jobs even as salespeople
Being highly cognitive people introverts take time to fully understand their product customer and outcomes
From this introverts are highly prepared for any unexpected events such as objections crankiness and touchy questions
They might not be happy with it, but they can handle it effectively nonetheless.
#3 taking care of animals
Introverts love to be swaddled and love and affection by those close to them especially when it's our furry friends
So they do enjoy to return the favor
Introverts are professionals at taking care of animals especially when they do it alone. You need a dog sitter? No problem!
You need someone to take care of your cat while you're away? Enough said!
Introverts have no problem snuggling up next to a dog, cat, bunny or goldfish and spending a nice day together
They enjoy the company of animals more than humans in most situations
They sympathize with animals. Introverts can calm a troubled pet since they're experienced with calming their own troubled Minds
They have a lot of energy and want to have fun eat and get their belly rubbed
But when all the sudden done they need their rest
same .. same
#4 being observant
Introverts aren't quiet without a purpose. They observe. While you're over there talking about the latest fad, or your weird dream last night
they're listening and watching
They see the way your forehead wrinkles when your grandpa's mentioned, and they notice when there's a new painting hanging up in the office
introverts spend time watching and memorizing their surroundings and environments
So they feel comfortable enough to interact with them who would jump into the darkness without a flashlight?
Introverts prefer to analyze their surroundings rather than focus on biases so that when they finally voice out their misgivings
These should be taken seriously
Introverts are the first to notice anything slightly out of the ordinary
And they're also the ones to be the devil's advocate and notice flaws and ideas and concepts
Introverts usually spend a lot of time thinking about the worst possible situation and how to get out of it so trust them
They know what they're talking about
#5 being great leaders as
As are many of these points this one is notably surprising
how can someone who dislikes abundant social interaction be a great leader when a leaders job is to lead others?
A recent poll shows that not all successful leaders are extroverts.
Outgoing individuals use their charisma and spunk to command attention and get things done
while reserved bosses lay low and observe their underlings and always know what's best for them the person and the situation.
They never speak just to be heard or because they're the boss they speak to assist and help others because introverts imagine themselves in quite
every situation
Just to be prepared
They're careful and attentive
Humble and prepared and they're comfortable working alone showing the good leadership isn't always flashy
So if you ever have a boss that is more on the shy or reserved side
This doesn't mean that he or she dislikes you or thinks they're better than you
It could be that they're an introvert as well and don't have anything to say about your performance since you're doing a good job without them
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12 Strengths of an Introvert (Part 1 - Animation Remake)

98 Folder Collection
Tracy Wang published on February 2, 2020
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