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Welcome...to another episode...
...of TwoSet Violin!!!
Today, we're gonna talk about...
- How do you introduce this...yeah... - That was such a classic TwoSet intro, we're just...
- "What do we—what are we doing again today?" - "What's it again?"
- "Uh..." - Alright, okay.
We're watching a clip that many of you
- have sent to us before to review, - Uh-huh.
It is a scene involving violin playing,
and it is from a TV series called "Chicago Med".
As someone that nearly became doctor,
and uh someone that—
- Did you nearly become doctor? - Nah.
—maybe could have become doctor,
- we feel like this is the perfect video for us to review. - Mm-hmm.
Um...so let's...
- Let's watch it together. Shall we? - Let's get started.
Can you hear this?
How about now?
Not as well as the other.
Okay, first of all,
- that is a chunky tuning fork. - Whoa, that's enormous.
Second of all, I get the effect they're going for,
- it's like...kind of resemble tinnitus. - Mmm.
But no tuning fork...
- Yeah, it'll be like an A, yeah. - ...is that high, it's normally...
- You a musician? - Mm-hmm.
Getting my master's at CCPA.
The conservatory!
Follow my—
I'll say as a musician,
- losing hearing is the biggest nightmare. - Yeah.
We rely on these so much.
But it's also the source of our pleasure.
- Yeah. - Like, we make music because we love...
- Hearing music. - ...yeah, hearing music.
I actually did, back in the day, have...
...when I was in the conservatory, had um...
...small, kind of a health-scare.
I thought I was gonna have hearing problems,
and hearing loss as well.
Turned out it was fine, but I had like...
...funny problems with my hearing,
and that was the most scary thing ever.
I don't mean to scare you,
but becoming a doctor was actually my fallback plan.
I wanted to be a musician. A violinist, in fact.
Med is easier than being a musician!
I don't have a fallback plan.
Music's all I ever wanted to do.
- You see, that's what I was missing. - Yeah.
Can you squeeze my hands?
- The doctor sounds so like... - Condescending.
"See, that's what l'm missing." *chuckle*
"Good luck."
- "You're about to go deaf." - Oh wow....
- Paganini C minor Caprice broke my will. - *chuckles*
Wait. What did she say?
Paganini C minor Caprice—
- Paganini C minor Caprice. - C minor—number 4?
- I'll give that to you, that one broke my spirit too. - Yeah, that one is messed up.
That's a good reference!
- ...did their research. - Yeah.
*chuckles* Just about everyone else!
- It's a bear! - Yeah!
I played snare in marching band in freshman year.
I think if it's C minor it is...
What was it—what were they singing? *sings passage*
Oh! *sings passage*
Yeah yeah yeah...maybe it's that one.
- Yeah yeah yeah. - Yeah...yeah...
*chuckles* That's really funny.
I've got a recital next month.
All Bach program.
Maybe you can come.
Sure, I'd love to.
Dr. Halstead.
"I've got a recital coming."
- "Sure, I'd love to." - Walks away... *chuckles*
- She's got a slight nystagmus in— - In her right eye, I know.
And then hearing loss on the left.
I'm thinking it could be syndromic.
Well, apparently you didn't need a consult.
Come on, I value your opinion.
How come you never told me you want to be a musician?
You want an opinion?
Call a neurosurgeon and send her for a stat head CT.
Dr. Halstead.
- Yeah? - Your violinist.
Radiology just sent her report.
Has anyone from neurosurgery seen these yet?
They talked about scheduling surgery as soon as possible.
Acoustic neuroma?
Tumors, essentially.
I know this is a TV show...
...but maybe it's the fact that right now
they haven't said anything to trigger musicians
I'm actually believing it.
- Into the storyline right now...yeah. - Yeah, yeah, they haven't said anything stupid yet.
So these neuromas are...
...pressing against your inner ear,
and that's why you've been experiencing
the hearing loss and the dizziness.
We need to remove them,
and stop the internal bleeding.
What are the side effects?
There's a good chance you'll lose your hearing.
My hearing?
Dylan, I know it seems like your world is coming apart right now,
but we got lucky here today.
That fall you took might have just saved your life.
I'm a musician!
I don't know any of these med terms,
- so I don't even know if it's legit or not. - Yeah, maybe the doctors watching this are like...
- " Neuro-acoustical vabruolisis"? *pfft*" - Yeah yeah...
I pulled this out of the deep depths of my closet.
I reached out to Anne-Sophie Mutter's people, but...
it seems she's on tour in China.
Did they just say Anne-Sophie Mutter?
- Ohh... - Okay, that's a bit ridiculous.
- How do you just reach out to Anne-Sophie Mutter? - I know...
- Maybe you can... - Maybe—I think you can...
but it's just like I'm impressed they even mentioned
- the name, Anne-Sophie Mutter. It's like... - Yeah.
Nice one.
I'm guessing you know Bach's concerto in D minor
for two violins?
In my day we all learned it.
Get out your violin, Dylan.
We're gonna have that recital.
Come on.
I know she's meaning the best,
I don't know what her character is like...but...
If I were just find out that I was gonna lose my hearing,
and the doctor was like,
"Get out your violin Eddy,
we're gonna play Bach right now."
- I'll be like— - "I'm not the—"
- "You're not the one that'll be losing your hearing." - I'll be like, "What???"
- *laughs* - "What???"
The memory is not just in the head.
We also have what's called kinesthetic memory.
The body's memory.
It remembers movement...
...resistance, and the position of its parts.
So hearing or not...
...your body can still remember how to play.
I'm gonna make a bit of a nuanced point here.
I know this is probably gonna be taken the wrong way,
I guess from a musician's perspective,
part of the re—
A) part of the reason we make music is...
...because we can enjoy it, to hear it.
It's not just so we can play the instrument,
but also so we can enjoy hearing the sounds
we make from the instrument.
Second of all,
part of practice is a feedback loop, between...
- ...playing and hearing. - Hearing it, yeah.
You experiment different feels,
to hear what sound you get,
and then you adapt to it.
And to now have one of those feedback loops...
...shut off,
it's very difficult.
And I think to give an example for that...
Heifetz once gave his students a...
a class where he detuned his violin—their violin,
because his student was taking too long tuning it.
And he was saying,
in a real concert, when you play a 45-minute concerto,
with temperature changing,
- the strings are going to go slightly out of tune, - Mm-hmm.
and then it's up to you to listen
and adapt on the moment to the intonation.'
...Beethoven, the genius deaf composer
that was able to compose a symphony,
there are reports of him when he was losing hearing...
...desperately trying to play the piano,
holding a metal rod to transmit the sound vibrations
- from the piano to his skull, like... - ...just to hear.
He was a genius that can compose a symphony in his head,
- and he was that desperate to hear that - Yeah.
- last bit of frequency. - Yeah.
- Just putting these things out there, - Yeah. *chuckle*
- you guys let us know what you think. - I know.
Concentrate on the feel, the vibrations.
Just close your eyes,
and remember.
Oh no...!
Dude, they—she could actually play.
- They could both play. - They could both play, yeah, I was like,
And they didn't even try to make it sound professional,
- like at a high level. - They made it sound...
- As...made it sound realistic. - ...real, like...what it would've sounded like
- two people just pulling their violins out. - Yeah and then someone that hasn't practiced in ages.
- Yeah...yeah. - 'Cause she still remember it in her hand.
- Damn...that's impressive. - Dude...props to the actresses!
That was really sad when she got wheeled off.
- I know. - It's like...
...the final performance.
I know it's just a TV show, but damn, that's heavy.
That's frickin' intense.
Alright guys.
Thank you so much for watching.
- Oh we should—oh, should we play it?
Please subscribe!
See you guys next time!
40 hours a day!
Or you'll have to become a doctor!
- It's so hard to talk and play...! - ...talk and play at the same time...!
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25 Folder Collection
李芷凝 published on January 31, 2020
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