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long before we raised livestock and grew crops humans lived side by side with
dogs it's widely accepted among scientists that dogs are descendants of
wolves in fact their DNA is virtually identical but how exactly did a fierce
wild animal become our loyal companion according to DNA analysis the
transformation from wolf to dog began some twenty to forty thousand years ago
when people and wolves were living and hunting in close proximity by about
fifteen thousand years ago dogs were found virtually everywhere people were
but humans may not be able to take all the credit for domestication some wolves
were already less fearful of approaching people those individuals became favored
by people for their tame ability over many generations they became tamer and
lost some of their predatory qualities such as big sharp teeth what resulted
was the dog the very first domesticated animal
thousands of years later humans began to play a more active role in the breeding
of dogs the ancient Egyptians may have been the
first to breed dogs for specific uses such as hunting guarding and war in
ancient China dogs were bred to look like lions an important symbol of the
Buddhist faith selective breeding eventually gave rise to many different
looking dogs or pure breads and the 18th century purebred dogs were becoming more
of a status symbol among wealthy households by the 19th century the
crossbreeding craze was underway culminating in the first dog shows by
humans were mixing and matching dogs no longer just for their utility but also
for their appearance today we have over 300 different breeds making dogs the
most diverse species on earth but by breeding offspring that exhibit only the
most pronounced traits some say we've gone too far in some cases dogs are the
ones that suffer with genetic disorders in certain breeds that can lead to
problems such as difficulty breathing hip dysplasia and increased risk of
cancer yet for all the problems we've introduced into our canine companions
we've also found ways to bring dogs into our lives more than ever before dogs
today live among us not just as our pets but also as therapy dogs
search-and-rescue dogs and even war dogs humans have also found ways to give back
to our furry friends with advancements in veterinary medicine and establishing
rescue organizations to help dogs find good homes in many ways the canines that
once lived only among their own packs tens of thousands of years ago have come
to depend on us as much as we depend on them
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A Brief History of Dogs | National Geographic

41 Folder Collection
Courtney Shih published on January 31, 2020
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