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I never flinch.
Cause I'm a real violinist.
- I practice. - Yeah.
Forty hours a day.
Got the viola gang on me.
Oh, Check out the merch guys!
It's been a while...
- Been a few days since we have plugged it. - Check out the merch!
Do not watch this video with your baby instruments.
- Yes. Yeah. - Hide them it's not safe for them.
Because it's a compilation of...
Sacrilegious torturing.
And do not do this at home, please.
Alright, let's go.
Can't flinch. We have three lives each.
I can already see something's gonna
happen based on the way he did that little dance thing.
I'm like, oh...
Wow, I think we both just lost a life.
- Holy moly. - Dude, that caught me off guard.
- Ooh! - Ooh!
- Like it snapped! - Ooo!
Ooo! Right in the face as well.
The way he tried to like, pick it up at the end...
Oh, I thought I was ready.
I was getting ready for a drop or something
and that still got me.
I had a delayed reaction. I - I -
It like - I didn't figure out what happened.
It happened so fast, I was just like...
And then I realized what happened.
I was like, no...
Wait, can I see it in like slow motion?
- Ooh... - Ooh...
- Is that the bridge? - Yeah.
She's running right behind him in such a close quarter
and that guy just happened to decide to do a spin then.
- That's just unfortunate. - That's - Yeah, very unlucky.
- Dude, he asked the girl if she's okay. - I know.
Wow. What a champ, what a champ.
Alright, next.
Dude, I don't know if I'm ready for this.
Got three lives!
I lost mine just like that.
That was too quick.
Allegro. Faster.
Stop talking.
Stop. Stop talking!
Oh my god...
You know what day it is today?
- April 1st? - Yes, it is.
Dude, that for a prank?
Dude, he's so happy. He's like, yeah, man.
- We did it! - Oh wait, high -
- High five. - We got them.
We smash my vio-
But he got them good.
- Yeah, they were like, Oh my god... - It really was going...
So it's like...
I can also imagine like...
Someone that's been conducting high school orchestra
for 30 years, how much you would love to do that.
- Just smash a violin. - Dude, the satisfaction.
And like getting the orchestra to stop.
But personally I couldn't do that even for April Fools'.
I'll say I can, but I think in the moment I'll hesitate
and then the instrument just won't break.
I'll be like...
Like swing! In a slow motion like...
- Don't do this for April Fools'. - Don't try this, yeah.
I don't know, did we flinch?
Nah, I say nah.
- Nah, nah, nah, we didn't flinch. - Nah, didn't flinch.
I - I - We gotta preserve our lives.
April Fools', obviously.
Someone goes, "April Fool's, obviously".
But like he didn't plan it with anyone.
It was just his own thing.
He didn't even go like, "April Fools'".
- He just walked off. - Maybe he came back afterwards. But like...
It's still like...
That smash.
- I don't know if I can justify that for April Fools'. - No, I don't -
We should make a golden rule...
April Fools', you're not allowed to smash an instrument.
Wait, do a slow-mo. Slow motion.
He really went for it.
- Dude, look at these peoples' faces. - I know...
They're like...
Did you flinch? We both flinched.
Yeah, I flinched.
Dude, I already flinched.
It took her a while to realize.
I don't know why I flinched so much.
I think cause it's a recital.
Yeah, I think - It's -
The rehair wasn't the greatest.
And went ka-pah!
The funny part is like she kept going.
- Yeah. - And she was like...
- She's like "something's not right." - Am I going deaf?
Something is really not right here.
You can see her face trying to compute what happened.
She's like - She hasn't looked yet. So she's like, "what?"
- It's on her left hand. Yeah. - When she looked, she didn't really register.
She's just like...
Now, oh my god...
- Oh... - Dude, that's...
- I didn't expect that, man. - Yeah.
I just laughed, I don't think that was a flinch.
That's my three lives, man.
You can watch the rest by yourself.
Alright, I need to eat a potion. Ling Ling potion.
- Alright, we gained three lives. - Oh, okay.
I got one left and I got a Ling Ling potion as well.
Ling Ling insurance.
Ling Ling insurance.
These guys need to buy Ling Ling insurance.
- Yeah. - For their instruments.
Oh, no...
I think the E string...
Slipped off the bridge.
- Wow, nice. - Nice, congratulations.
I was gonna say that was really amazing playing like...
- Paganini is not easy. - Good start as well.
But how did the E string slip off?
I don't know. That's not a good bridge.
You know... That -
For that one and the other one...
It's not the instrument that made me flinch.
It's seeing the performers like...
I can see on their faces the panic like...
- "Oh, no..." - In the situation, yeah.
And that kind of that awakaedness.
Cause that could also mess up your...
Kind of like mindset of the day.
Did you see how quickly, he was just like...
- Come on, come on, please fix. - Yeah, yeah. Yeah, cause you panic.
That got me. Ling Ling potion!
- I have - I lost count. - Three.
- How does that even happen? The bridge. - Why? Why?
How does that hap -
Bet - They must have tuned and the bridge just went
way too far in front.
I feel like the bridge shape is weird.
Look how high the G string side is.
- Oh! Yeah. - It was leaning forward.
- It was leaning forward. - It was leaning -
It looked like it was more...
Damn, man.
Make sure your bridges aren't leaning forward, guys.
90 degrees. 90 degrees.
I flinched.
Oh my god...
These are in some ways
worse than the instrument destructions.
- Yeah. - It's just live performance.
Look at all those microphones there as well.
He's double hand. He wasn't sure which hand to use.
Left hand, come on.
Dude, that's why sometimes you gotta
practice page turns.
Yeah. Yeah, you actually do.
You can put that on YouTube now.
Now you put that on YouTube now.
His friend is like...
YouTube material.
Were they trying to sell an instrument?
Yes. Sounded like he was trying to
- sell an instrument too. - Yeah.
Please visit our website to see other violins for sale?
Not the violin you want.
Ah, Yeah...
Check your instruments with your teacher first
before you buy an instrument.
And if it's your teacher selling it,
check with other teachers first.
And or luthiers.
Out of tune piano.
I'm flinching to the piano already.
Nah, I didn't flinch. I didn't flinch.
- I didn't - - I flinched when she -
You flinched...
Dude, that reaction.
Dude, she caught it.
That's epic.
I think maybe the tip hit the string or something, right?
I don't know, I missed it.
I was just - Don't flinch, don't flinch.
Ah yeah, on the up.
Well - Well observed.
Oh no...
- Her reaction. - It's pretty funny.
- It was so cute. - I know.
- I've seen that video. - Oh, you've seen it.
It's pretty funny.
Just her reaction is just kind of like, "Oh my god".
She's like...
Her eyes.
Like, Woah...
- Good try. - She looks like a beginner.
- Yeah. - Keep it up.
- Alright. - I hope you are still practicing.
I hope, whoever's in that.
- And see this video. - Still playing. Yeah.
And she's like, "I'm actually a soloist now".
That would be sick.
Well, did you flinch?
- I think I flinched like six lives away. - I know.
With the help of Ling Ling insurance
and Ling Ling potion!
Whoo, we survived, guys.
- Got me. - Flinched.
Dude, that first one still got me.
I think the first one just...
- Yeah. - That was probably the worst one...
- Yeah, it was. - Like out of all of them
- the first one just... - Bam!
- And she was like, "what the" - - Into the face.
Well, let's hope everyone is all okay from this video.
- Please look after your instruments. - Yes
No, April Fool's things like just no.
The amount of wood wasted, guys!
Thank you so much for watching.
Please subscribe and like.
And we will see you guys next time.
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You Flinch You Lose (Watching Painful Violin Accidents)

27 Folder Collection
李芷凝 published on January 30, 2020
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