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[moaning and groaning]
Tori, could you go die somewhere else, please?
I hate chocolate sale at Walgreen's Eve.
You mean Valentine's Day?
Don't speak those words to me.
Okay, scary.
Is that why you've been in your blanket all day?
This is my cocoon of love.
Everyone in the cocoon loves me.
That's why it's so small.
Look, I will listen to your whining
if you let me slaughter you at FIFA.
That's not how you play.
[knocking on door]
It's for you!
No, it's not.
You know it's never for me!
I have no faith without works.
Just hope.
I do not trust to hope.
It has forsaken these lands.
Welcome to--
Hey Stephen, um, I was just thinking about you today,
and thinking about chocolate,
and then the two just kind of came together, so here I am!
Thank you.
[video game fail noise]
You're such a good friend, Mal.
That was all.
I'm sorry.
Stephen, you fool.
She was so young, so hopeful!
She's only like two years younger than you.
Going to senior prom alone ages you, Stephen.
[knock on glass]
Not my thing.
No, Stephen.
Come on, you got it.
No, Stephen, Stephen!
You know what, Stephen?
If I were as popular as you are in high school
The lunch ladies would never have mistaken me
for one of their own.
[blinds clattering]
Stephen, um, I just wanted to thank you so much
for helping me out with chemistry,
and so I brought you these and--
No, those are--
those are for Stephen.
[door shuts]
I earned those.
No, you did not!
You have done nothing to be so uselessly attractive.
Don't take this out on me
just cause you're going to be forever alone.
No, I'm not!
At the tender age of 42
I will adopt two beautiful Ethiorpian children.
It's pronounced...
[blinds clattering]
I love you!
[Tori thumps on the floor]
[Whitney giggling]
[door shuts]
I don't even know who that was.
You are a love magician, teach me your ways.
Rule number one:
don't be you.
I will cut your face off!
No, wait!
And I will eat it!
Tori, wait!
[Tori screaming]
It's a boy.
This time it is.
It's not.
I swear to you.
There's no way!
Fly little bird!
[Tori groaning]
You know what, Stephen?
That you are a foolish boy with foolish women who--
Aaron, you, uh--
How's it--
Hey, how are you?
I was-- I'm great.
I like your hair.
It's showered.
Uh, Tori, could you?
Aaron, you know I've always felt like we--
[Tori groans and hits floor]
We made the video, and thank you.
You watched, it was good.
Could you share it, like, liking,
comments are also, sharescribe.
Subscribe to--
Thank you for-- We did a--
Have a great-- I appreciate--
[slips on floor]
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A Crushing Valentine's Day

82 Folder Collection
Courtney Shih published on January 30, 2020
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