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In this video i'm gonna show you the top 10 things to do in shinjuku oh
I love shinjuku as you guys know i live in shibuya but when i first came to japan
one of the first cities i fell in love with his shinjuku in this video i'm gonna take you guys all around
Shinjuku and show you the top 10 things to do all right let's get started
shinjuku is really big jr
Shinjuku station is at the center of it all with minor station surrounding it easy access makes in tjuku an ideal location for
shoppers so let's start with that number one
shopping i'm sure a lot of people would say shinjuku is the best location
To shop for anything from fast fashion to high brands electronics to cool souvenirs let me show you where i go shopping
tokyo hands into kasia maya
tokyo hands has a lot of cool
souvenir goods but high quality so if you want to get some things for someone that you really like i
Recommend it here the prices are a bit more expensive but
you, can see that in the products that they've selected for their store they're pretty high quality
cool check out these workout slippers it's like a ninja workout outfit and cute little feet at the bottom
bath powders can be a good souvenir choice
Here people take baths every day
so there's a big selection the stuff they have onsen bath butters you should actually buy this and make your own onsen at home
pretty amazing and of course the cool face masks they have face masks and you can be your favorite character like dry mon or
One-piece i don't know really what this is but michel recommends this apparently it's pretty good and just right next to it it's takashi amaya
So the kasia maya has a lot of high-fashion breaths it's 11 floors so there's just like
so much stuff that you can check out here if you don't have a lot of time that maybe this could be your first stop
100 yen shop
and this is a 100 yen store
everything in the store is
100 yen it can be found in the seibu pei-pei building right next to seibu shinjuku line and it's supposed to be the biggest one?
in all of shinjuku and in this building there's also
Mooji and gu so you can find all sorts of cool stuff and even some cool restaurants
look at that sushi magnets
they, even have hello kitty stuff a potato shredder and chopsticks check out these little bobblehead things
donkihote and
this is donkihote
perfect for souvenirs
since it's a discount shop it's kind of cramped inside but they still have a lot of cool stuff one note if you have your
Suitcase with you not gonna work it's two friends
cool look a sadie backpack look super sayan backpack awesome super silently
they have like these cool little dolls and stuff it'd be awesome
this pen moves and this one too i'm gonna e-class
look it says kat punch made by japan toys
It's like a maze in here to be honest i don't really like it so much it's just too like
condensed into like one little space
This is eunuch loaded it's one of the largest unit close here in shinjuku there's men's women's and kids five
floors and if you're looking for cool souvenirs they have heat tech they have down jackets and they have cool t-shirts here i
sit, on
this behind me is easy tommy it's one of the most trendy department stores in all of japan let alone
shinjuku also what's pretty cool is in the basement floors they have a food
Palace it's really good if you want to get some high quality dessert souvenirs for people at home
mightily if you can't find what you want and eats it on then just right across the street is
Muttering which actually also has a lot of cool stuff but it's more girly so you might not find it when you're looking for if
you're like the fermented stuff
So this is a sit-down ben's my dudes out there i have to throw this in there because you know guys need some love to
you debauchee camera
so this is your dabashi camera it's one of the oldest electronic stores here in
Shinjuku you should be able to find anything that you need as you can see behind me there's actually 11 yo dabashi cameras
So cool
So each building is specialized so for example one building will just be like completely filled with cameras so there's actually more product selection and
each of these tours
cool take this out it looks like headphones
but it's not sorry excuse the voice lost some of it during filming but the show must go on
it's an air purifier come feel the fresh air it's so cool
look at this is the vacuum cleaner for your mattress
that's pretty awesome look they're cooking potatoes i think it japan that called a jig i'm oh so
many rice cookers yup
japanese love their rice
check out these rice cookers this is like the most expensive rice cooker i've ever seen two hundred and
fifteen thousand yen this one next to it is one hundred and eighty-two thousand yen
Now this is a real yankee moment or like this is just for making yo keem oh look at that that's crazy
look at this
Wait i think you smell my head shake you go to a salon and they do it give you a haircut
and then just massaging your hair feels pretty nice those are pokey seeds i think that catching pokémon
So cool so right behind me here is the yo device camera just four cameras so awesome
this would be awesome for
Filmmaking i feel like a professional and this one has all the cool games like ps or nintendo
switch and some cool toys for kids
so this is your my today key also known as lobby if you haven't found what you're looking for at yoda budget camera
This is a place to look if you're trying, to look
for the best deals in japan for electronic goods
Then it's always best
To check out a few stores because the prices vary depending on the time period
So everything is located in one building so means that there's a little less election but it's a lot newer
because that nine floors it's amazing wow cool check this thing out it cleans your jacket and without you having to get it wet this
Is so cool
and an entire floor filled with toys a kid's dream you can even get a model on the cushy
you, can even get a model of an omikuji
you, can even get a model of an ami cushy
beat go
It's a collaboration store if you want, to save time you want
to buy electronics and you want to buy high-quality clothes at an inexpensive price and definitely go here instead
number two boom g romney all that shopping made me hungry let's go get our ramadan
right behind me is my favorite ramen shop in all of shinjuku
it's called fuji it has both ramen and scheming and today i'm gonna show you both let's get in line because
There's kind of a way all right let's go
look at that line it's like this all day
Every day this is a very popular little place i'm at the back of the line this place opens from 11 to 3 o'clock
during its lunch on which we're here right now but there's still a huge huge wave
When you get inside you need to buy a ramen ticket it's cool that the ticket machine has an english translation as well big plus
for travelers when you're seated staff will ask you if you want nummy meaning regular or
promoting meaning large tell them what you want and then you're good to go i ordered a large but actually couldn't finish at all
so we've been waiting, now for like almost 30 minutes of like it's gonna be the way i know it
So this is scheming
alright let's try this game and i'm so excited for this cold al dante noodles served with a separate bowl of hot
creamy fish balls and chicken bite on soup wow look how thick that is you can see the ramen soup just like
Linked to the noodle
but i'm talking about
he's a little bit of the fish powder if you tasted negative
But definitely it's a lot saltier than if you're not a little ramen it's so good let's try to meet
So tender now this is ramen look at this rich white soup mm-hmm
different flavor than the spam in for the soup i thought lighter
it's not as big but i want to tell you which one is the best left i like both
number three godzilla
look right behind me is godzilla let's go upstairs and check them out
godzilla is at the top of toho cinemas next to hotel grocery
If you're not saying at this hotel you're gonna have to use a cafe inside, to see my man godzilla up close
We're all the way to the top you can see?
Godzilla's head it's amazing and there's an awesome view from up here
This place is so cool if you come close enough you'll notice he has the only team also what's cool is
Every hour on the hour from 2 up to 6 they actually have a show mikey won't check it out
number four
tokyo metropolitan building you can actually go up both the south and north towers in this video i'll show you the south
So right behind me is the tokyo
metropolitan government building it has an awesome observation deck i'm going
To show you guys what it's like to be up there then instead of down here and it's?
Free man i'm so excited for this one
this is the south tower observation deck and if you want you can shop for souvenirs and chill at the cafe
So we made it all the way, to the 45th
floor you can see all of tokyo from up here it has like this
panoramic view from all the different windows so you can see north-south east-west it's
Amazing and if you come here on a clear day you'll be able to see everything
just, like today like i said earlier the best thing about this it's free
number five shinjuku gyoen park
we've just arrived at shinjuku
Gyoen, now there are several parks in all of shinjuku but this one is my favorite park so let me show you what's inside
So one thing to know before you get here it costs 200 yen to get into the park that's not such a bad thing
cuz it's not a lot of money plus it keeps the riffraff out
right behind me is a traditional japanese
teahouse called a good day you can actually go inside and get traditional matcha and
Traditional sweets all for 700 yen but don't worry it's really easy to find in the japanese garden
if you're in shinjuku and you're just like tired of all the buildings and all the people this is the perfect spot because you can
like relax and chill i love this way i really really love it and this is just a little section of the park it's so
Big but there's just, so much free open space for you just, to like hang out and there's a super awesome chinese garden right here
There's this cool greenhouse all the way in the park there's no it's a charge to get into this beautiful greenhouse
It even has this cool waterfall inside
number six kabuki joe so this is
Kabukicho known as a red light district in shinjuku but it also has some cool stores and restaurants
like this 500 yen ramen shop or this 24-hour grilled seafood place is 24-hour sushi joint and right next to it japanese barbecue
but, to get a real feel for this place let's check it out at night
So this is one of tokyo's red-light districts there's a lot of bars
There's a lot of girls and there's a lot of nightlife going on if you know what i'm saying in addition to the nightlife there's
actually a lot of restaurants here it's actually worth checking out if you kind of tire to the japanese food is really good chinese and
korean restaurant but a lot of people come here for the host and hostess clubs
These guys must have had to work really hard to break the top ten
months of gestation month of amin's satisfaction in japanese oh
We were there earlier at kabukicho we've actually moved maybe two to three street's down this is?
Actually where all the host and hostess clubs are now it's quite expensive so i don't know if you actually want to go inside
But if you want to like sit down have some drinks talk, to some very attractive females or males
Then this is the place to go i've actually never been
but you guys might want to check it out and just one street over
There so planned which is a completely different how do you say
Form of entertainment where you can actually go and paper girls but you have to be careful because
some of them don't actually accept any corners one special note if you do try to mention here i really recommend you go with a
japanese person or a local person because you can get ripped off very very easily in one of these places they do have
separate venues for foreigners in some of these places and they'll charge you a
Freaking lot of money so just be careful if you really do want to try to venture out, into one of these places
So this is a robot restaurant it's pretty cool right so it actually costs 8,000 yen per person
That's kind of expensive i mean that's like the price of?
disneyland tickets are even actually a little bit more you can actually probably just go to design either instead so
what i'm recommending
is that we skip this place and let me show you a place in fact a little bit more interactive up to you this show
is still pretty cool if you really want to go
Number seven: Zaho
So this is Zaho - you actually get to catch your own dinner, this is gonna be awesome, let's do it
One thing to know
fishing is optional: if you're lazy
can just order it straight from the menu but it costs a little bit more than catching your own fish
You, took the bait - but no hook
Harder than it looks
yeah, we did it, we caught one
So what's cool is you can actually ask them how you want it prepared
This time we actually have two so one is going, to be butter Yuki and the other one is going
to be Sashimi - I can't wait i'm so excited
this is the sea bream we caught - also known as Tai in japan it is the but butter Yaki which means grilled butter
I'm so excited it asis works so hard to catch this
just, tastes like really good fish let's move on to the sashimi
You, can see through the sashimi this means it's super fresh i also got this cocky fried look how big that thing is so awesome
Put some lemon on it you know dip it into some sauce
that's amazing how that just melts in your mouth i love this this is actually one of my favorites here
number eight: Omoide Yokocho
love the smell of yakitori in the air feel like i'm transported back in time walking through these tiny japanese streets
this is alloyed a
Yokocho if it hope with small parts gathered together so everything is served in small dishes you get yucky tony
robin you have so but probably not gonna get it filled up here it's mainly a drinking place there's a
stereotype that mainly all these salary men go here but it's actually becoming a very more trendy thing in japan
And you'll find that your own younger people come and now if you look inside
there's actually a lot of turns bike up here so
You shouldn't feel short comfortable by coming into this place so this is actually a lot better than the older guys older there's a lot
more tourists rappy what doesn't rip you off which is a good thing
golden guy there are more than 200 bars and these small streets since most parts only fit about six to ten people
there is an unwritten rule that a person staying the longest needs to give up their seat to new customers most of the bars have
Cover charges so make sure to ask if it's not written at the entrance to be honest i personally
To avoid places with cover charges so this is shinjuku's
golden guy it's pretty cool they have bars on the first floor in some of the cases actually have bars that go up to the
Second floor it's really really steep stairs so you have to be careful you don't have to even go inside you can just like walk
around which is pretty cool really really feels like japan okay it might be a little expensive but worth checking out
oh, and michael got ripped off together
that's pretty cool i just got interviewed by japanese television
number nine vr zone
This is pr so in tokyo now if you don't want to go to the bars or you with kids if you just want to
have a good time at night this is a place to go a whole building is just a virtual
reality place there's like so many things to do you can actually literally spend the whole day there and just hang out well yeah
there are a lot of cool virtual reality attractions you can choose from to name a few they've got dragon ball z gundam
Evangelion and even horror rooms for the brave i love technology
So if you don't want
To do the vr there's actually another option
right behind me right there is a bowling alley and other cool games and if you don't want to go bowling and play those games
Then you can just go right here and there's a sega
So you can do ufo catches nothing this whole place has so many games it's freaking awesome
number 10
Hyatt bar if you still have a bit of energy at the end of the day
check out the new york bar at park hyatt the view here is
amazing this is the view from the peak bar on the 41st floor new york bar is all the way up on the
52nd floor who is actually one of the movie sets for lost in translation
funny thing was a guy playing the trumpet that night happened to be my friend good work pageant
if you guys like this video
Help me out hit that like button if you have any questions about any place we went today or you want to tell me which
One's your favorite place leave a comment in the comment section below or if you want
To see more of my ventures in tokyo or in japan hit that subscribe button and i'll see you guys in the next one?
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Top 10 Things to DO in SHINJUKU Tokyo | WATCH BEFORE YOU GO

80 Folder Collection
Mayu Okuuchi published on January 30, 2020
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