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MAX: I think it'll be emotional when I read what I wrote later.
LEETEUK: Right? MAX: Yes.
LEETEUK: It's going to be funny, and we'd reminisce those times.
Honestly, I think my note from yesterday is pretty good. Can I read it?
LEETEUK: Okay. MAX: Yes, great.
Fear, terror, excitement, horror.
(screaming in fear)
SHINDONG: (scared) Woah, wait!
SHINDONG: Don't overcome it.
SHINDONG: Rely on others.
U-KNOW: Oh, that's cool.
EUNHYUK: (impressed) Aww. SHINDONG: (proudly) Wasn't it nice?
SHINDONG seems very content with it. He's turning red.
SHINDONG: I'm so proud. EUNHYUK: "Don't overcome it."
EUNHYUK: I like that phrase.
MAX: "Rely on others."
I'll click like.
LEETEUK: We had similar thoughts yesterday.
Oh yeah?
I was fearless as long as I was with them.
"Them." I was fearless as long as I was with them.
I'll click like. Click. (members laughing)
I wrote something yesterday too.
LEETEUK: You did? MAX: Okay.
U-KNOW: The title is "Paper plane."
(SHINDONG laughing in approval) DONGHAE: I'm looking forward to it.
The first step was slow and difficult.
EUNHYUK: Let's go!
U-KNOW: Since I had my friends with me, I felt reassured.
U-KNOW: Fly! Let your worries fly away.
Fly! We are beautiful
LEETEUK: You wrote a poem? U-KNOW: for we say this is our youth.
U-KNOW: Fly!
The one and only scenery you'll see from far away.
For you shall enjoy the best day of your life.
LEETEUK: It's nice. But you wrote an entire poem.
Yes, I always write with that kind of vibe.
LEETEUK: But it's nice. DONGHAE: It's got a nice vibe.
U-KNOW: Really?
Can you tell that I put my heart and soul into this?
I haven't written much.
Even when I'm not doing anything, everything's great
as long as I'm with my brothers.
(members laughing) LEETEUK: That's enough. Just drink.
SHINDONG: Hey, I think you three didn't do anything.
Including LEETEUK, that is.
EUNHYUK: I couldn't do anything yesterday.
A fruitless day.
It's going to take too long.
MAX: Let's go, then. LEETEUK: Okay.
MAX: It's sad, but let's give up. LEETEUK: It's unfortunate.
EUNHYUK: Well, we know what it feels like. MAX: Yes.
I really wanted to try it, but...
EUNHYUK was disappointed the most.
Because I didn't do anything, I was able to raise my head
and look at your faces and your expressions.
LEETEUK: Ah, that's U-KNOW. MAX: (laughing) Facial expression.
EUNHYUK: I was able to feel your emotions as well.
(screaming in fear)
I am Guide EUNHYUK.
(members laughing)
SHINDONG: That's great.
LEETEUK: DONGHAE hasn't read his. EUNHYUK: Read it to us.
DONGHAE: Do I have to read this?
EUNHYUK: Yes. LEETEUK: Everyone read theirs.
MAX: Didn't you write it because you wanted to read it?
(members laughing)
I mean, I wrote it because you told me to write.
It was my first.
(SHINDONG laughing) MAX: Okay.
Concentrating again
It was more exciting as it was my first time.
The word "first" fills me with many thoughts.
Even this very moment, I'm enjoying this trip with you for the first time.
Like the first time...
LEETEUK: So what?
(members laughing)
"Analog Trip in Indonesia"
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AnalogTrip (아날로그 트립) | [미공개영상] 동방신기와 슈퍼주니어의 엽서 읽기

12 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on January 30, 2020
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