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- Welcome to "The Daily Show" Instagram account.
We're here live with presidential candidate Mr. Andrew Yang.
Mr. Yang you're not gonna be in tonight's debates
which is a huge bummer.
But in lieu of that we've got
a "Daily Show" alternative Asian debate, okay?
- Yeah.
- I'm gonna ask you some questions
that some of our viewers will want to know the answers to
and by some of our viewers I mean the Asian people.
Which means all 10 of us.
So, first question is will you promise
on day one of your presidency to shut down Panda Express?
For all Asian people, do it for the Asians.
- I will affirmatively profess my love
and support for Panda Express.
- What?
- I find them to be delicious, tasty.
- What!
- Ever present, clean.
- Have you eaten Panda Express?
- Friendly, consistent.
- What am I missing here?
What, you're scared of losing the Panda Express vote?
- Fan, I.
- Dude, I'm getting phone calls from everyone right now
about this outrage.
- Yes, if anything I would open up more Panda Expresses.
- Okay, can you at least get them to change
the name of it?
From Panda Express to just Express.
Just drop the Panda.
I think the main problem isn't the food,
it's that they're calling themselves Asian food.
That is the problem.
- You know, I think people would get confused by Express.
You know, I think Panda Express
says Chinese food, delicious.
- Wow.
- Delicious, accessible.
- I ask you the most softball question possible.
I think you just lost the presidency based
on my first question.
Okay, but let's take this a little bit more seriously now.
Let's say contractors come into the house.
Let's say contractors come into your house to fix something
but they don't take their shoes off.
What do you do in this situation?
Do you demand that they take them off
or do you let them stomp all over your shit
with their filthy shoes?
- I say in a very courteous voice,
hey do you mind taking your shoes off in the house?
And then I pretend to look for those booties
for them to put on in the house.
Like as if they're gonna be,
maybe some slippers or something.
But yeah, I ask 'em to take it off
because you know, it's just when in Rome
you should act like a Roman.
When in a house where people don't wear shoes
you should probably take your shoes off.
- Thank you, and that brings me to my next question.
That's a great answer, by the way.
When you become president are you gonna make visitors
take off their shoes when they visit the White House?
- Well certainly not when they're on the main floors.
But when they visit me and Evelyn and the family
in the residence upstairs,
like in the inner sanctum, probably.
Because we're probably gonna be
a relatively shoe free environment up there.
- So you're gonna tell Putin to take off his shoes?
- Well, I don't think Putin visits you
in the private residence.
Because that's literally like your bed chambers and stuff.
Unless like Putin--
- Okay, nice evasion, answer the question.
- Uh, so in the public areas you can keep your shoes
or your boots or whatever on.
But when you come into the house.
It's like house on top of a house
is the way the White House is.
- Okay, let's talk inauguration here.
You've won the presidency.
It's time to party, okay.
Now, catering.
Are you gonna do family style
or are you gonna do mash potatoes and some raw romaine?
Like the presidents before you.
- You know, I would like to go--
- Hot pot?
- I would like to go pan-global cuisine
where you get like foods from all over the place.
Because America has people who come
in from every part of the world.
There's delicious food here from every part of the world.
We should have it represented at the inauguration.
But I would also say I would not break
the bank on the inauguration.
I'd rather spend money on something else
rather than a party.
So maybe that's very Asian of me.
But instead of spending money on the inauguration I'd want
to actually solve a problem or two.
- Okay.
- So like say, all the money you were gonna give
to the inauguration we'll give it to Flint
or fix some infrastructure.
- That's a great answer but will you commit now
to not ordering Panda Express at the inauguration?
- No, I cannot make that commitment.
- Wow, okay, you're killing me, man.
Listen, you are the only minority candidate left
on the Democratic side and the Republican side.
So unfortunately you now have to answer questions
for all minorities including the black community as well.
So because of that, I'm gonna ask you a question now
on behalf of the black community.
Raisins in the potato salad, yes or no?
- I can only answer for myself
as a consumer of potato salad.
And I would say no to raisins.
I don't know what the means about me.
I also do wanna say--
- That means you know your food.
I'd just like to pivot quickly back
to some Asian questions here.
Seeing as how, for obvious reasons.
When you do win the presidency,
do you think your mom will still be upset
that you didn't become a doctor?
- There'll always be some disappointment
in her eyes when she looks at me.
She tries to hide it really well
but you know your own mom.
- Boy, do I ever.
- You know that there's always something missing
from the beginning of your name.
They don't call the president,
well actually the do call the president, president.
I was gonna say.
- But if you become president can't you just make
yourself a doctor?
Just get some executive orders in there
and just say, oh yeah by the way I'm a doctor now.
- That would be hysterical.
I should call myself President Andrew Yang, MD.
And then have the MD stand for something random
that's not even medical doctor.
It'll be like, you know Mr. Diplomacy.
Let's make some title and pin it on there.
- So you've had some really great endorsements lately.
You've had Donald Glover, you've had Dave Chappelle, today.
Who is your next dream black endorsement?
- I have to say, I feel like Dave is my dream endorsement
because he was literally my favorite comedian
and getting to sit down with him.
No offense, Ronny, I mean your my.
- Oh, thank you.
- Like, one-A favorite comedian.
- Great, I'm glad you got to meet your favorite comedian.
- But sitting down with Dave and seeing
that he has the same concerns about
the future that I do and the same hopes
for what we can be, that is the dream.
Like today is the dream endorsement.
Now that Dave's Yang Gang,
I'm gonna just throw this out there, LeBron James.
- LeBron James.
Well, why stop there?
Why don't you just shoot for the moon
and just go for Obama, or even better Oprah.
- Yeah, I mean Barack literally has his VP
for eight years is running.
Like, you know, Barack's already said
he's gonna stay neutral throughout
because he doesn't wanna, you know throw
his finger on the scales.
Oprah I have not had a chance to meet yet
and I would be thrilled because I think
it was "The Daily Show," it was Trevor
that called me the Asian Oprah.
So, shouldn't she meet the Asian Oprah?
I would think so.
Hey Oprah, if you're listening to this, let me know.
- Right.
Honestly, I can't believe how much free time
you have for this.
- Well, this has gotta probably be the last question.
- Yeah, this is the last one.
Last one is, thank you for speaking to us, Mr. Yang.
I really appreciate it.
- I appreciate you all.
I think you do tremendous work.
A lot of Americans get their news from "Daily Show,"
comedians generally.
Trevor is probably one
of the most trusted people among Americans.
- Yeah, yeah, Trevor whatever.
Can you quickly endorse my Netflix special real quick
while I have you here?
- Oh yeah, Ronny's special is really, really awesome.
- Thank you.
- I think it's called, "Asian Comedian Destroys America."
- Yeah, thanks.
- Which, I'm surprised we're actually having
this conversation in the post destroyed America
because Ronny just destroyed so much.
- Okay thanks, Andrew.
Thank you so much for speaking to us.
Have a safe flight back.
Can't wait to speak to you again soon.
And everyone at home, please do not go to Panda Express.
- Don't listen to the man, it's tasty and nutritious.
No, it's not nutritious.
I actually, I take back that last piece.
Bye, guys!
- Thanks a lot.
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Ronny Chieng & Andrew Yang s Alternative Asian Debate | The Daily Show

45 Folder Collection
王惟惟 published on January 30, 2020
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