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And. The gang games. At an event something that you
referred to make your family and then it definitely you
know pain killer. No it's bubbled up organically we had
support as you just are calling themselves the gang gang
using the hash tag and then there were like all
right I guess of the gang. And it really stuck.
Now what about the gang gang dance moves aside 600
media on tighter than thinking we our regular main north
bay hill. Really exhausted move. I I hope that the
Yang Yang has more kids whose and I looked at
that I think add that there are any advantage advantage
any other scary. The lie. Why are you ready for
president. I'm running for president because we're going through the
greatest economic transformation in our country's history what people are
calling the fourth industrial revolution. And now I'm running though
let America knows that it's not immigrants are causing problems.
It's technology in the fact that it was announced closing
30% of restores involves. Self driving trucks around the corner.
Artificial intelligence is real industry and a creep in the
company's. And then if we don't solve these problems that
we're going to be left chasing the symptoms of the
disease. And neither reason why Donald Trump for president today
is that we automated way one million manufacturing jobs. In
the midwest. And unfortunately we did to those jobs are
about to do to him of these other jobs. At
other than missing the high you've got to the plague
every universal basic thing come. And it really is driven
largely by your family situation. Now my wife is at
home right now with our two boys one of them
is autistic and her work counts as zero in our
economic measurements. And higher minimum wage were also do not
think for her or the ten million several moms are
in the country. And so if we note that this
is some of the most important work than anyone's ever
going to do that we should have a mechanism in
place that. Recognizes that work and care giving and nurturing
for people who have relatives at any age and stage
that. Require care. So a universal basic income of a
thousand dollars a month would be game changer for millions
of American families and we can make it happen right
now in twenty point. You say they. Dipping in those
aren't paying a lot of taxes and are making a
lot of money. Yeah out Amazon trillion dollar tech companies
closing 30% of restores involves. Paying zero taxes and think
about that how to act and it was on pay
less in taxes and every single one of us. And
that is not sustainable. If we give ourselves the American
people our fair share of every game is on sale
every Google search every FaceBook data every robot truck mile.
We can generate hundreds of billions in revenues can pay
for the dividend ordered. Think Mac getting communicated to voters
about you especially when it's such a crowded debate stage.
I think is someone turned on the TV and he's
in the debate stage that it thinks of electric is
millionaire or so among those lines the fact is. I've
run a non profit for the last seven years under
the very normal life. Certainly not a gazillion there anything
like that. Happy couple a little bit a so. I
think it if people. Dug into. My family and an
arm pulling data daily lives they would see themselves and
very much so I mean I'm the son of immigrants.
I feel like I've gotten so much. From this country
and my parents came here could have been a lifer.
My brother and you know it worked out and now.
I feel like we don't understand what's happening to us
were scapegoating immigrants are constantly risen to do with. And
our. Journalists and beaters. I don't understand technology and its
intersection with the economy well enough to be able to
team. Under explain what's happening. To us to people and
so. Americans look at me is just like a parent
and an American who just always have 200 countries and
need to do something about. As it son of immigrants
as a minority. You don't really talk a lot identity
politics so. I think identity politics. At this point is.
Separating us from each other more than let's bring us
together. I am I mean as the son of immigrants
and diversity of American men run for president the Democrats
a much QB. I'm proud of my heritage. But I
think that. We have to bring people together and leading
its identity politics does not strictly as a very. Productive
way to do that you know you have to try
and balance that out. And fur fur this campaign I'm
running in the way that's most helpful to me. And
to the extent that. No like I can bring Americans
together of every background that's legal entry thinking my spirit
and thank you can imagine.
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Coffee with Candidates: Andrew Yang

6 Folder Collection
王惟惟 published on January 30, 2020
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