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- Have you ever thought to yourself,
what are the habits
that will actually make me a winner in my life
or what are the habits
that will make me successful or rich or happy?
Which habits will turn me into the person
who I want to become?
Well, you're about to learn
the four best habits of all time.
But first, let me share with you a quick 30-second story.
This is Dave, and Dave is a pretty average guy
who is in his early 20s but he has a habit
of drinking a little bit too much on the weekends.
Dave meets a girl named Emma.
And Emma is everything that Dave wants in a girl.
She is smart, funny, attractive,
and they have this amazing chemistry.
But Emma is someone who had an very abusive father
who drank far too much during her childhood
and she told herself that she could never be with someone
who drank even a little bit.
But Dave was in love with her
and he always envisioned himself ending up
with a girl just like her so he decided to give up drinking.
He had some ups and downs but after about six months,
he had fully stopped.
And the reason why Dave was able to do this was
because he had a very strong and clear reason why.
And simply having a clear why will make,
literally, everything you do in your life so much easier
because when times get tough, which they inevitably will,
you can always remind yourself of what you're fighting for.
However, it's impossible to figure out your why
until you can master the second life-changing habit,
which is becoming self-aware.
If I went to a college campus right now,
and I asked the students there why are you honestly here?
A lot of them would probably say things like,
"Well, my parents wanted me to go."
Or, "All of the other smart kids
"at my high school were going."
Or probably the worst answer,
"I didn't really know what else I should do."
When you become self-aware, you'll be able to figure out
what your honest why is and not the fake why's
that a lot of us tell ourselves.
Doing this will give you a much better understanding
of what you want to do in your life
and what you don't want to do in your life.
However, you will not be able to become self-aware
until you can master this next habit: meditation.
Here's how I would personally define meditation.
Being fully aware and present to
what's going on inside your mind and body.
The reason why most people have no idea
what is going on inside of them is
because they are always distracting themselves
with things like social media, Netflix, food, friends,
even doing work can be a distraction from your own feelings.
Now, I don't think any of this stuff is bad in moderation
but I do personally think that it's not good
to always be distracted.
And meditating, for even 10 minutes,
with your eyes closed, with nothing around you,
will force you to understand what is going on inside of you.
However, you will never be able to meditate
until you can master this next incredibly important habit,
which is something called engaging.
Back in college, I took a class
called Operations and Management.
And in this class, I paid attention like 25% of the time,
and the rest of the time, I spent on my phone,
or on my computer, or I would just be daydreaming.
Now, even though that class
was completely useless and stupid,
does not mean that I should not have fully engaged with it
because the more you distract yourself,
no matter what it is that you're doing,
the more you weaken your attention span muscle,
and when the time comes where
you actually decide to do something
that you are passionate about, you will need
that attention span muscle to be nice and strong
if you want to be successful.
But Mitch, if I'm passionate about something,
won't it be easy for me to pay attention to it?
Yes and no, even if you're truly passionate about something,
there will always be aspect to it
that you won't necessarily love to do.
Whatever it is that you decide to do during your day,
from meditating, to going to school,
to having dinner with your friend,
try putting away the distractions
and engage with the activity that you have decided to do.
I guarantee you that you will feel happier.
However, you will never be able
to master any of these habits until you can understand
the most important habit of all time.
It's so important that I had
to dedicated an entire video to it.
Feel free to click the screen now and check it out,
and I'll see you there.
(gentle music)
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4 Simple Habits That Will Change Your Life (Animated)

238 Folder Collection
彥儒陳 published on January 29, 2020
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