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October 19 1901 when I first caught a glimpse of that other world the world on
the dark side mother mother it's me I brought you
something to eat please I think you should try to eat some of this
when I became aware of the significance of the beetle as a symbol of rebirth I
realized that she was simply trying to protect herself
from something but even I understood that mother had been born again into
that other world the world of fatherless signs and portents
and mysterious symbols
sorry I'm late commissioner problems out of town
what's up there's been a riot that orchim asylum that's what's up
it makes seized control of the building early this morning we don't know how it
happened they're holding the asylum staff hostage they came all kinds of
crazy demands we've had to send in furniture store dummies food clothing
and they say there's only one final demand thank God they've been waiting to
talk to you personally I see it's the Joker Joker are you there
this is Batman what do you want don't waste my time Joker just tell me what it
is you want oh I think you can guess we want you in here with us in the madhouse
where you belong and and what if I say no well we have many friends in here she
just drew me a beautiful house she drew it with this pencil the one I just
sharpened open your eyes wiper beautiful blue
this is low you have half an hour and bring the white stick can we talk you
okay you know you don't have to go in there let me organize house watching or
something no this is something I do have to do listen I can understand it even if
you're afraid I mean Arkham has a reputation afraid
Batman is not afraid of anything it's me I'm afraid I'm afraid that the Joker may
be right about me sometimes I may question the rationality of my actions
then I'm afraid that when I walked through those asylum gates when I walk
into Arkham and those doors close behind me it'll be just like coming home
in the end it was for the best I have to believe that as the child I
dedicate myself to the prevention of suffering the first time
for some time I'm working at the Mad Dog
I listen as he tells me how it was it was emergent Mary's an idea she she has
just a Bosch way to stop the dirty slut spreading their disease just a feel
it's a facility of the
by the way
it's salt why don't you sprinkle some on me honey anti just good enough to eat
I'm here release the hostages you heard him folks hit the trail typo
let's do it again sometime but what about her eyes
you said honey pie listen how many brittle bone babies just tension at home
- mr. t goe loosen up tight ass take your filthy hands off me what's the
matter have I touched a nerve how is the Boy
Wonder started shaving yet if they degenerate
flattery will get you nowhere
you're in the real world now and the lunatics have taken over the asylum
April sweet is coming in
God is being man
well I'm a boy's best friend is his mother
let the Feast of Fools begin Joker I've had enough of this madness enough
madness enough and how do you measure madness not with rods in the wheels and
clocks surely you know you look so pretty when you're mad
kiss me Charlie knavish me but no tongues you here not on our first date
you're in no position to be secret now sit down and stay down before I think of
something funny to do with you who are these people Joker you told me you to
release all the hostages well we insisted on staying Batman I'm
Ruth Adams I'm a psychotherapist here and this is dear old doc Cavendish our
current administrator a man who just loves to administer current to ect
patients I have a duty to the state I will not leave the asylum in the hands
off of madmen and while we are discussing Duty it looks like someone's
done this on the floor oh Jesus Harvey is it you again you trying to ruin my
heels I'm sorry I I couldn't help it it takes so long to decide so many options
I'm really sorry I think please miss two-face has pissed
himself again to face excuse me Batman but would really prefer it if you would
call Harvey Dent by he's a real name what have you done a woman dumb he's
being cured this place is a hospital Batman and we're here to treat people in
case you'd forgotten as a matter of fact we've successfully tackled Harvey's
obsession with duality I'm sure you're familiar with his feel of a dollar scar
on one side unmarked on the other he used to make all his decisions with it
as though it somehow represented the contradictory halves of his personality
what we did was we named off the coin and onto a dye that it gave him six
decision options instead of the former two he did so well with the dye that
we've been able to move him onto a pack of tarot cards that's 78 options open to
him now Batman next we plan to introduce him to be I
Ching soon he'll have a completely functional judgemental facility that
doesn't rely so much on black and white absolutes but right now he can't even
make a simple decision like going to the bathroom without consulting the cards
seems to me you effectively destroyed the man's personality doctor sometimes
we have to pull down in order to reveal the Batman psychiatry's like that you
must admit it's hard to imagine this place being conducive to anyone's mental
health you're going to hit me with all that local folklore now right secret
passages of the ghost of Mad Emma Diaz Arkham the door that's supposed to bleed
gothic crap well you'll pardon me for saying so but
your techniques don't seem to have had much effect on the Joker the Joker is a
special case some of us feel he may be beyond treatment in fact we're not even
sure if he can be properly defined as insane his latest claim is that he's
possessed by Baron Geddy the voodoo Laura we're beginning to think it may be
a neurological disorder similar to Tourette's syndrome it's quite possible
we may actually be looking at some kind of super sanity here a brilliant
new modification of the human perception more suited to urban life at the end of
the 20th century tell that to its victims unlike you and I that Joker
seems to have no control of the sensory information he's receiving from the
outside world he can only cope with that chaotic
barrage of input by going with the flow that's why some days he's a mischievous
clown others a psychopathic killer he has no real personality he creates
himself each day he sees himself as the lord of misrule and the world as a
theater of the absurd odd games doctor you know me I just adore card games well
I see two angels screwing in the stratosphere a constellation of black
holes a biological process beyond the conception of man a Jewish ventriloquist
act locked in the trunk of a red Chevrolet what about you Batman
what do you see nothing I don't see anything not even a cute little
long-legged boy in swimming trunks stop wasting time you ugly transom bastard
well his hair's too you know that's if you don't mind I say we take off his
mask I want to see his real face oh don't be so predictable for Christ's
sakes that's his his real face and I want to
go much deeper than that I want him to know what it's like to
have sticky fingers pick through the dirty corners of his mind so let's start
with a word association test shall we Ruthie I don't really want to do this go
ahead dr. Adams I'm not afraid it's just words
that's the spirit Batman sticks and stones I like a man who can
take the pressure
I end this house to my will I will bring light to those dismal
corridors of my childhood
and empty rooms
mother pearl handle revolver gun father father death and of 1920 I am invited to
here I finally meet you in Switzerland I am introduced
Aleister Crowley I find him charming and highly educated we discussed the
symbolism of the Egyptian talent and he beats me at chess to be well underway
constant surprises me with a wonderful addition to my aquarium Japanese when a
dominant female dies one of the males in her entourage will actually change sexes
and assume her for some reason
for the victim of an April Fool's prank
poisoned April April fish I experienced an inexplicable Friesian of danger in
transpires that Barton Hawkins has escaped from the penitentiary and the
police would like my considered opinion as to his State of Mind
I tell them he may be highly dangerous
it's not
not tonight is something wrong no it's nothing nothing
it's getting late time to begin the evenings entertainment
I think if you're feeling up to it oh what a nice little game of hide-and-seek
you have one hour sweetheart and there's no way out of the building
there's the Scarecrow and mr. Clayface and the strange dr. destiny of course he
seems so frail in that wheelchair but all he has to do is look at you and you
stop being real he does so want to look at you darling oh and don't let's forget
the croc he came up out of that damp dark cellar this morning dragging his
chains behind him they all want to see you so why don't you just run along now
I don't think well this guy goes into the hospital okay his wife's just had a
baby and he can't wait to see them both so he meets the doctor and he says oh oh
duck I've been so worried how are they and the doctor smiles and says they're
fine just fine your wife's been delivered to the healthy baby boy and
they're both me tipped up full so the guy rushes into
the maternity wood with his flowers but it's empty what bed is empty look he
says and turns around and the doctor and all the nurses wave their arms and
scream in his face all the wife's dead and the babies are specific get it what
a senseless a waste of human life now Batman
run the game ends at midnight run run
how dare you embarrass me that way Bruce it's a movie
for God's sake it's
first I've ordered you you don't stop crying and ACTA control I'm leaving you
right here understand I'm leaving you yeah
listen we promised him an hour he's only been gone 10 minutes this is ridiculous
what do you think Dan the moon is so beautiful
whoa it's big silver dollar flipped by God and it landed scarred side up see so
I made the world heaters garaged can I get a decent conversation in this boys
who long insane joke we're bored oh alright then let's just pretend it's
been an hour
21 is count and lastly count Kali
did you know the front door was a white
my dear Constance body is in Jesus Harriett lies nearby undescribable
violated almost idly I wonder where her head is and then I look at the dolls
house slowly I put on my mother's wedding dress and I kneel down
I kneel down in that nursery abattoir it all seems perfectly rational perfectly
perfectly rational later I find myself sobbing choking is this what it all
comes down to all our dreams and hopes and aspirations nothing but from it Oh
God I'm afraid I'm so afraid I think I may
be ill
don't touch me
I wonder what I'm so glad you could make it
I have so many things to tell you you must be feeling quite fragile by now I
expect this house it does things to the mind now where was I
where am I where is the apparent disorder of the universe is simply a
higher order an implicit order beyond our comprehension that's why children
interest me their home mad you see but in each of them I see an implicit adult
order out of chaos or is it the other way around to know them is to know
myself little girls especially shameless
Oh God god help us all sometimes sometimes I think the asylum
is ahead we're inside a huge dreams
I raised my college
the secret that I'm white my journal up-to-date routine is important
divergence sometimes seizes and I returned to my ritual perambulations my
movements through the house and I feel the traffic on an essential part of some
incomprehensible biological process is an organism hungry from madness it is
the maze
my friend voltage current the fire I've saved it there's power in it
okay screw up charge is like
shocked by my enhance some friends take me to the Opera
Wagner's Parsifal don't they understand can't they see I'm breaking a thousand
pieces time time becomes strange forty minutes
have passed since I ingested three portions
of the Amanita mushroom so far no effect abruptly I become convinced that the
house is alive and trying to communicate with me a pressure at the back of my
head makes meet her in their tiny contained universe two
vast and shimmering clownfish glide toward one another and make the sign of
Pisces Pisces the astrological attribution of the moon card in the
Tarot pack the symbol of trial and initiation
my flight a choir children sing my name over and
over again
I must have fainted there for it is morning when next I am no longer able to
tell where the dragon ended and I begin yet I'm I'm not destiny have
I got to confront it the great dragon
good evening bad dr. Cavendish George come nerium Batman he'll cost me just
keep back you freed the inmates you allow this to
happen why Cavendish now listen I only did what
had to be done you read the book on the table beside you and you'll see Diwan
it's Emma days Arkham's journal go on I've marked the place for you
wings begin to beat
you see now you understand you who've kept this place supplied with poor mad
souls for years you who fed the hungry house do you see you are the bat no I'm
just a man I'm not fooled by that cheap disguise you know what you are Arkham
tried to kill his stockbroker in 1929 that's what they finally locked him away
for did you know that it didn't stop him here at the golden bow he studied the
shamanistic practices and he knew that only ritual only magic could contain the
bat so do you know what he did he scratched a binding spell into the floor
of his cell he used his fingernails can you imagine that his fingernails
I see now this country things are possible and me oh who is this man
doctor but it still wasn't enough two years ago I found this hidden room read
the journal went to I just couldn't stop thinking about what Arkham had said and
I realized it was my destiny to finish what he started
I set a trap for the bat you see I surrounded the asylum with a circle of
salt so it couldn't escape again and now well doctor Cavendish Jonas you ignorant
cow Cavendish you're sick you need help I'm sick have you looked in a mirror
lately have you
do something Oh God his throat he got what he deserved
I didn't mean to I really didn't yes yes it must be I I think it's this way this
way out like do you still have two faces Chloe just give me the corner no going
back in aren't you you're going to undo all my work
what are you stronger than that stronger than this voice I have to show them
that's in the same grave mrs. ackard Barca was right sometimes it's only
madness that makes us what we are for the test
it's the bath the best destroyed everything you should have never allowed
him in here Joker he's too dangerous go on you're free you're all free oh we
know that's already but what about you have you come to claim your kingly robes
or do you just want us to put you out of your misery
two-face decide what to do with me
Harvey brilliant if the albergue face comes up
he goes free if it's the scarred face he dies here okay
parting is such a sweet sorrow dearest still you can't say we didn't show you a
good time enjoy yourself out there in the asylum
just don't forget if it ever gets too tough there's always a place for you
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32 Folder Collection
Harry Huang published on January 27, 2020
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