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- [Voiceover] Two tornadoes ongoing right now.
- [Voiceover] Oh my God.
(upbeat band music)
- [Voiceover] It takes a certain craziness
for people to go out and pursue these things.
- [Voiceover] God, oh my God.
- The raw destruction of nature
in such a tight, enclosed area.
It's tragic, it's amazing, it's beautiful
and every one, for me,
holds that sense of awe and wonder.
Here it comes.
My name is Tony Laubach and I am a storm chaser
and meteorologist.
I basically make a living out in the field
selling imagery to news outlets, telling the story
in a visual sense, of what's happening with weather.
From March to June, I'm basically traveling
all over the country in search of severe weather,
literally could be putting tens of thousands
of miles on my car.
Sometimes 5000 miles a week.
Large tornado on the ground, west of Dodge City.
The storm we've been on is weakening pretty heavily
right now.
The storm coming out of the South
I think, has got my attention right now.
It's something I'm kinda watching.
(banjo music)
Kansas has always been my holy land.
The flatlands, the fields, the colors.
For a normal person, you drive from Kansas City
to Colorado and you gotta spend eight hours
driving through nothing.
To chasers, to people like me,
it's the most beautiful landscape of anything.
You can see tens if not hundreds of miles at a time
and watch these storm from a great distance.
It's something truly amazing.
There it is.
We as chasers never, ever want storms
to impact anybody in a negative way.
And unfortunately, in some instances, they do,
They take lives and peoples homes and their livelihoods.
(piano music)
The lows are devastating but the highs
are amazing, because of the gratification,
the beauty, everything that you have put
the effort into is there.
When you get rewarded by nature for your efforts,
and you see this event in person, there's nothing
that compares to that.
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Chasing Tornadoes with a Storm Junkie

76 Folder Collection
許大善 published on January 27, 2020
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