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  • Congressman Matt Gaetz represents Florida.

  • He's also on the Judiciary Committee and he joins us tonight.

  • Congressman, I'd said... I think it was on Christmas Eve that instead of the NORAD Santa Tracker, NORAD ought to have an impeachment articles tracker to see how long it's taking to do the 73-feet from Nancy Pelosi's office to the center.

  • I think it's somewhere over the jungles of New Guinea right now.

  • Is she actually gonna bring this thing home and deliver it to McConnell?

  • Nancy Pelosi appears to be limping through the back nine of the delivery of the articles of impeachment.

  • And I think for regular folks in this country, it's quite interesting to see an impeachment with, first no crime and no victim, but now, no transmission of the articles themselves.

  • Listening to that montage you had of the mainstream media, giving Nancy Pelosi a proverbial cat bath,

  • it just reminds me that the rest of us ends up stuck with the hairball with this sort of bizarre circumstance, where just weeks ago, it was Jerry Nadler and Eric Swalwell saying things like nothing could be more urgent than this impeachment.

  • Swalwell called it a crime spree in progress.

  • And now Nancy Pelosi sort of holds the Articles of Impeachment like some demented, non-Santa Claus not delivering the gifts to the children.

  • It's very strange to observe.

  • It's weird, isn't it? The president had the good point in his tweet, because, according to Jerry Nadler, Donald Trump is a threat to national security and needs to be removed from office.

  • So why stick it in the bottom drawer and do nothing about it?

  • It demonstrates that this was a political process from the beginning.

  • We're about to turn over a new year a new decade, but we continue to see the same politics just by new means.

  • And what Democrats have done is they've really cheapen the impeachment process to any disagreement about the utilization of presidential power or a disagreement, and maybe a president's different type of approach to a particular problem said, all of a sudden becomes impeachable now.

  • And when they say in their court filings that they're not done investigating articles of impeachment, I actually believe them, because they have no agenda for the American people.

  • So they are substituting this process, these investigations and impeachment for actual legislation that might improve the lives of the people that were elected to serve.

  • Well it doesn't that court filing really give the game away because it's one continuous investigation just as Russia led into Ukraine.

  • And you know, maybe, Trump was on the phone to some guy in Tajikistan and we can put that on hold for next week's impeachment.

  • Basically, they've been doing this actually since before he was inaugurated.

  • And it's worked only in that it's super infused the Republican base for 2020.

  • I can tell you here in the state of Florida, our support for President Trump is only intensified.

  • When we see these efforts to delegitimize, not only his presidency but our political movement for a positive America, for a newfound sense of populism in our country.

  • And now I think you can look back to the time directly after Robert Muller's testimony, where they want to impeach Justice Kavanaugh, they want to do impeach Bill Barr, it's like they've got impeachment fever and there's no cure.

  • How about we turn over the calendar in 2020, and just agree to put the American people first and our country first, not just have the revolving Carnival of Impeachment with Nancy Pelosi is the ringleader.

  • That makes too much sense, Congressman.

  • You know how it is; one impeachment is never enough.

  • it's like a box of chocolates; you gotta have a second or third.

  • Thank you very much for joining us tonight.

Congressman Matt Gaetz represents Florida.

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