B2 High-Intermediate US 46 Folder Collection
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The following trailer is rated H for "Honest"
They've conquered powerful foes,
they've taken down devious masterminds.
Now, watch as the fractured heroes of Injustice
come together once again
to face an enemy they've never seen before:
Return to DC's all-star gang bang once again,
an alternate dimension where your favorite heroes
beat the life out of each other.
To settle who's good guy right
as the game uses every single plot device
they can muster
to "injustify" the match-ups
in a story that is less unique than the previous game
but still makes more sense than Batman v Superman
(Lois Adams) It's his mother's name!
Break out your fight stick
and dive kick into this PG Mortal Kombat
as Injustice 2 dishes up more of the fighting
game design you love
or have come to accept,
where you'll choose from classic heroes,
slightly less classic heroes
and total asspoles.
Then battle it out with mind-blowing awesome supers
and stage transitions,
that after like three times you wish you could skip.
(waiting patiently)
Discover NetherRealm's trademark
[email protected]#t pile of modes, like:
a Story Mode that's leagues
ahead of the rest of the genre,
the Super Wacky Metaverse
joining a Guild full of fellow shirtless neckbeards,
(that's sad, bro)
a terrible mobile game mode you would literally
never touch, if not for those sweet sweet loot boxes,
and finally a Ranked Mode,
where you'll get bodied so hard
by people who played the last game,
your controller will light on fire.
Watch as NetherRealm takes their most
polished game yet
and smears [email protected]#t all over it
with a bunch of mechanics you would expect
in a free-to-play game
as Injustice 2 introduces four different types of currency
individual character levels that reward
playing FOREVER,
and cosmetic items that boost stats
then locks those behind ten types of blind blocks
and random drops
alongside stuff that you actually want
that you'll never get for the characters you play
unless you want to spend more of your real money
in a system that makes the game LESS balanced
and MORE addictive,
that will just get turned off by serious players anyway.
No items, Batman only, final destination.
So dust off that super suit,
tighten those super buns
and get ready for a solid superhero slugfest
that gives you the fan service you need
and the asshole Superman the movies only hint at.
Remember the last game
when he melted that kid's head?
Good times!
This guy?
Are you sure?
Super Not Friends
(sigh) You know Batman, it was already pretty hard to
take your "no killing" thing seriously
but you're not even trying anymore!
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INJUSTICE 2 (Honest Game Trailers)

46 Folder Collection
Harry Huang published on January 26, 2020
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