B2 High-Intermediate 15 Folder Collection
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We've got the star, and it's safe and sound.
Ho, ho, ho! I knew the PAW Patrol would save the day.
We'll meet you at the sleigh.
Bye, Santa.
See you there, Ryder.
Santa's on his way.
We're going to meet Santa?
That's so cool.
Where's Chase?
Santa will need his reindeer.
[music playing]
Not that way, this way.
Hey wait, come back!
How about a little Christmas cooperation here, gang?
That's better.
Oh no, not again.
Megaphone, ruff!
Attention all reindeer.
Very good. Now please move forward in an orderly fashion.
Now that's more like it.
Wait for me!
Ryder, my sleigh looks perfect.
Except for one missing piece.
I hope it still works.
Ho, ho, ho, ho! The magic star!
I don't know how to thank you, Ryder.
I was afraid for the first time ever, Christmas was ruined.
But you and the pups saved it.
Any time, Santa.
Whenever you're in trouble, just ho, ho, ho for help.
I will, Ryder, I will.
It's so beautiful.
I've always wanted to sit here.
Me too. On Comet, on Cupid...
On Donder and Blitzen!
Dash away all!
Ho, ho, ho, ho!
The reindeer always go when they hear "dash away all".
- Woohoo! - Wee!
Yay! Whoa.
Whoa, how do you fly this thing?
- Woohoo! - This is fun!
Careful, pups.
Wow, we're flying in Santa's sleigh!
Ho, ho, ho! It sure looked like you pups had fun.
But now I need to get a move on. I'm behind schedule.
Dash away all! Ho, ho, ho!
Ho, ho, ho!
Merry Christmas, Santa!
Merry Christmas, PAW Patrol!
And thank you!
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PAW Patrol Pups Save Christmas & Meet Santa! ?? Nick Jr.

15 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on January 23, 2020
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