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Hello everyone.
So we recently came across a video clip of a young prodigy
who can apparently compose piano sonata in under...
Let's see if it's true or...
So, I'm going to pick 4 notes from this hat.
Or you can pick 4 notes.
- I'll pick them. - Yes, yes, yes.
She has such intense eyes.
It's a JOKE!
And then, I'm going to improvise a piece based on them.
All right.
Now, we didn't work out anything...
...by arrangement earlier.
They really just needed a pink...
- Yeah. - Shiny blue...
Purple whatever, shiny hat.
We didn't work anything out per arrangement,
but we did prepare a shiny hat.
*high-pitched voice* Interesting.
*high-pitched voice* Interesting.
*both laughs* No we should stop this.
Alright, I was just...it was a joke, oh..
- It's a joke, guys. - Oh no.
The game is to refrain from making sarcastic,
almost offensive comments.
- So I'll just think about it for a few seconds. - Oh, please yes.
*narration* For me the most important thing in music
is the melodies.
It's not if it has to be everything very complex and very serious,
but actually, so that people actually want to listen to it
and enjoy it.
I wonder what, um...
Debussy thinks about that.
You know what I was thinking?
There's video cuts and there's no timer.
Maybe she sat there for three minutes and not one minute,
and they cut it up to one—
Three hours.
Whoa. *clicks tongue*
It's on "60 Minutes", so it must be completely accurate.
Sometimes when I get the melodies,
I hear them just sung or I hear a melody for orchestra.
But then actually sitting down and developing the melodies,
and that's really the difficult part,
having to tell a real story with the music.
Wait a second. The first note.
- I want to see...I want them to show me the... - B flat?
I have a feeling it was a B natural.
(Both) It was a B natural!!!!
- Turned into a B-flat!!! - Oh!!!
- Still fake news. - It's a B natural.
It's a B natural.
Why would she play a B-flat?
She was so prodigy that she changed the note.
No, this is not a hate video, guys.
- Maybe I'm just jealous. That's why. I'm just jealous. - Keep going? Yeah.
That's pretty...crazy.
Is this rondeau form?
Or theme and variations?
Well that's actually pretty amazing though.
- If she composed that in under a minute. - Mmm.
Oh my god.
- That's—that's talent, man. - Harmonic progression.
- Theme and variations! - Second subject, second subject.
- It's like structured to, uh, thing as well. - Yeah.
- She can see this. - That is the most amazing thing.
She's composing with structure.
- And then back to... - It's no, it's not...
It's improvised but it's not improvised.
- Yeah, it sounds like a real composition, - it's improvised...yeah.
- you know, doesn't sound like improvisation. - Yeah.
- She's improvising. - But she didn't improvise, she composed—
No do you think she improvised?
- I think she composed in her head in the structure. - In?
And then put the notes in different variations.
Yeah, so she must have done half the composition in her head...
- In that one minute. - Yup. Already.
(Both) Interesting.
It is rondeau form. This is C now.
Section C.
I read her mind.
Dude, it's a—fricking—modulated! To E Flat ma... *sigh*
Maybe I am the composer.
B flat ma... *sigh*
(Both) Ohhh!
Theme and variations, wonderful. *laughs*
It's like...developing as well.
You would've got an A+ but...
It's a B natural not a B flat.
But TwoSet, it's not like you can do any better,
you're just jealous of the prodigy!
Bring it on.
Who said we couldn't do it better.
We'll show you right now. *clap*
*clap* Bring it on, it's time.
What's gonna happen is Brett's gonna pick four notes.
This hasn't been previously arranged.
- He's gonna compose within one minute. - Hm-hmm.
He's on the violin and after which I'm gonna do the same,
but on the piano.
And then we're gonna do, uh,
Sonata for Piano and Violin afterwards.
Let's get it!
Uhh. A. *shriek*
C. *low-pitched screech*
F. *oooh*
*snickering* A sharp. *laughs*
Good luck. *wry laughter*
- Have we started? - Yeah.
Am I supposed to play now?
No, you're composing.
Oh. *laughs*
Two, one.
*timer goes off*
*plays timer music*
Wrong scale.
Right scale!
I can't.
That was pretty cool.
I rate it a...
...out of 10. *laughs*
- Alright. - Please draw.
- I'm actually gonna try. - Okay.
*sigh* *laughs*
- Oh what the hell... - *laughs* That's so messed up.
Alright here we go. One minute begins right...now.
Three, two, one.
It's the worst G sharp! *laughs*
*plays recording by accident*
- Is that the chord? - Yeah.
It's alright I can channel prodigy to you.
Ling Ling!
Ling Ling!
Ling Ling.
Ling Ling!
I'm sorry Alma.
- I'm sorry for— - I'm sorry. You are a true genius.
I take back all my "interesting"s.
- No, no no, no, no! Let me try again! I refuse... - Okay.
But she changed one of the notes.
- So you can change one note. - So I'm gonna change one note.
- Yeah, you can change the G sharp. *laughs* - Get rid that G sharp!
Alright, so we're good?
- Yup, G Sharp turns to, uh...what? A? - Up a semitone.
Okay, done.
Second subject!
Ling Ling!
Now let's do one, where we combine our forces.
The true height of composition is to be able to...
Read each other.
Compose telepathically.
*excited shrieking*
Is this all what we aspire to be?!
- So one each? - Yeah.
B, for Brett!
I get...
- Ohh, no. - E! For...
Aw that's alright, E!
- Okay— - EDDY!
OHH OHHHHHHH!!!! *laughs*
It's meant to be! *laughs*
Alright, your turn again. *laughs*
Oh not a sharp or a flat. Not a sharp or a flat.
Just give me a...urgh!
Ooh, that's pretty good!
- E minor. - Damn, I like E minor.
Don't screw this up, Eddy, don't screw this up!
- Oh no. - Oh. F.
Oh no...
This is just as bad as a flat.
Dude, you, you...
F'd it man. *laughs*
Let me see. Yeah, started.
Are we supposed to be discussing this or just telepathic?
Prodigies don't discuss.
Three, two, one.
Okay, here we go.
Please subscribe, like.
That was actually pretty good.
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Composing a Sonata in Under 1 Minute!

77 Folder Collection
李芷凝 published on January 22, 2020
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